Charisma Magazine: How the Very Future of America is at Stake

As August comes to a close, we are drawing closer and closer to November, and one of the most important elections in our country’s history. As many of our guests (and numerous other prophets) have shared, this election will determine the fate of America when it comes to God’s judgment. Despite the significance of this election, it still shocks me to hear that some of our fellow Christians say that they will not vote, or they are uncertain of who to vote for. If you are one of these people, I highly encourage you to read Charisma Magazine’s latest article. This article is written from the perspective of Dr. Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Church in California. He provides some amazing insight concerning both candidates’ views on political issues and their plans for America’s future. I pray that after reading this article, you will have a clearer perspective on the election, the issues, the candidates, and just how important your vote is!


Pastor Jim Bakker

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3 thoughts on “Charisma Magazine: How the Very Future of America is at Stake

  1. Jim, I was sent this by another friend. Love the article. But I take Charisma magazine and this article isn’t in mine . I’ve searched August and September. I am wondering if you received this online as my retired Army chaplain did.

    • This article is featured on Charisma Magazine’s website. You can view it by selecting the “Read the full article at” link found at the bottom of this article.

  2. The American people are so out of touch that few know anything about the other two choices in this election. Those that do know say voting for one of the other candidates is like voting for the other of the two mainstream candidates. It’s ridiculous. Voting for a candidate that you truly have the most alignment with is not a wasted vote. I personally think a vote for Clinton or Trump is a vote for Satan. Look at the Libertarian and the Green Party candidates and choice the one you are most agreeable with. The Republican and Democratic Party has consistently failed this country. We need a different Party to get things done.

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