Charisma’s Steve Strang Returning to The Jim Bakker Show

Steve Strang at the Jim Bakker show Charisma's Steve Strang at the Jim Bakker Show

Please join us here at Morningside on Tuesday, June 21st as hosts Jim and Lori Bakker welcome Charisma’s Steve Strang and author of the book The Rapture Verdict, Michael Snyder, to the Jim Bakker Show!  

Every generation has got to connect with God’s Word. Not just for religious reasons or superstitious reasons, but so the Word of God can become alive in our spirits and we can follow it. -Steve Strang

Steve Strang understands that the Word of God is the key towards a deeper relationship with Him.  Steve’s mission through Charisma’s books, magazines and Bibles are to empower people through Spirit inspired resources. Steve Strang wants us to be passionate about God! His insights are powerful and his guidance actively sought.

Michael Snyder is best known for his work as the publisher of  The Economic Collapse Blog and is our go-to expert on today’s economic signs and signals.   Snyder has just released a new book called The Rapture Verdict.  He and his wife  Meranda host The Watch: a half hour program on the PTL Television Network that is absolutely packed with news, information and teaching.    

We hope you can join us as a member of our studio audience on Tuesday, June 21st at noon on Grace Street!  As always, admission is free!  This taping will not be live streamed, however, you can view it before it airs on TV on Roku and the Video On Demand section of our website.



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