China Plans Global Network of Surveillance Satellites

Daniel 12:4 NLT “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase."

Chinese officials have confirmed they are looking at a proposal to create a network of satellites that would allow them to spy on any part of the planet.

The system is reportedly gaining a boost because of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that has eluded any search efforts.  Several members of the Chinese leadership say a Chinese operated worldwide surveillance network would have found the aircraft.

“If we had a global monitoring network today, we wouldn’t be searching in the dark,” a source told Australia’s News Limited.  “We would have a much greater chance to find the plane and trace it to its final position.”

The current Chinese satellite system reportedly only allows the country to spy on their nation and surrounding countries.  However, the proposed system would be so detailed and significantly upgraded in technology to current systems that it would place China ahead of the United States in global surveillance.

If the government goes ahead with funding the plan, the network could be in place and operational within two years.

One thought on “China Plans Global Network of Surveillance Satellites

  1. Pastor Jim , there are so many things happening in our world today, it is difficult to keep up with things. Thanks be to Jesus, we know what the end of the BOOK says. As many of these things going bye, without most even taking a second look and seeing anything out of the ordinary going on. I suspect that things will continue to happen even faster to get the attention of those that are asleep at the wheel. Those that have some knowledge of God’s Word will start to see things happening. Because God’s word tells us that Isaiah 55:11 in his word Says his Word will not comeback void to him.[ abrv] So it will not ,so the word that has went forth will comeback with results. I shared the word with the youth many times in a class room with seeming little results. When I taught the adults it was a much greater time, because I could see the results . But with youth it was a different story sometimes. Now I will see many of a student regardless if I physically see it. They will remember what they had heard many years ago. Pastor Jim, I know that its coming sooner than I every thought it would. But not less I go soon, I will see things happen before my very eyes .China’s satellite surveillance system is one more piece of the puzzle. That will serve a purpose in those final days if they even have that long. Pastor Jim, I’m proud of you being willing to be in a very small group of Godly men willing to stand up and say Hey !The end is here, get ready and stay alert for the Bride groom cometh

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