China seeking to buy more farmland in Indiana

Chinese-Farmland-owned-in-Indiana-map China is identified as an owner of farmland in Indiana, with three separate entities owning a total of 618 acres in three different counties © Provided by Daily Mail

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Important Takeaways:

  • Indiana farmers raise national security fears as China buys up over 600 acres, as lawmakers try to ban purchases near military bases amid spying threat
  • Indiana lawmakers propose a law banning certain land ownership by China
  • Purchases near military bases or national guard armories would be barred
  • 24 states have passed similar laws including Alabama, Idaho and Virginia
  • The Indiana bill does not ban specific countries, but defers to the US Commerce Department’s list of adversaries, which currently includes China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.
  • At least 24 other US states have passed similar laws restriction certain forms of foreign land ownership.
  • Federal data show that Chinese firms and investors own just over 383,934 acres in the US as of 2021, making it the 18th largest foreign investor.
  • That’s far less than the land owned by the top foreign land owners: Canada, Netherlands, Italy, the UK and Germany.

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