China training pilots to strike model ships before they leave the dock. Pearl Harbor 2.0 is of concern

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Important Takeaways:

  • Great Wall of Naval Targets Discovered in Chinese Desert
  • Since USNI News reported China has been building aircraft carrier targets in the Takmalakan Desert, other target sites have emerged forming a string of large-scale target ranges running along the eastern edge of the desert, according to new satellite photos. Several of these are naval and two have layouts that appear to be modeled on ships in port.
  • Eight miles southwest of an elaborate aircraft carrier layout, a site with full-scale piers and a destroyer-sized ship-like target was constructed in December. A test missile hit a dead center on the ship replica in February and then the target was then quickly disassembled and is now gone, according to more recent images.
  • The nature, location and strikes on these sites all suggest the targets are meant for testing ballistic missiles. These hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs) are an increasingly significant threat to warships.
  • ASBMs, if they are able to discern a ship from a pier, could inflict a killer opening blow against an enemy navy. The fear is fleets could be decapitated before they can escape to open water or disperse.

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