Chinese are sneaking in and Cartels are using drones to find weak points, watch border patrol’s response warns AF General

Drone-1052x615 Eric Risberg

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Important Takeaways:

  • AF Gen. Warns It’s Not Just Illegals at the Border, It’s Cartel Drones—With Over 1,000 Encounters a Month
  • That’s the disturbing takeaway from Air Force General Gregory M. Guillot, who testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday and answered questions from Sen. Ted Budd (R-NC). Guillot took over as Commander of the United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command in February.
  • And he’s concerned about what he’s seeing in his new position:
    • “The number of incursions was something that was alarming to me as I took command last month,” Guillot told the senator. “I don’t know the actual number – I don’t think anybody does – but it’s in the thousands…”
    • Budd pressed for what time frame Guillot was referencing in regard to the “thousands” of drone incursions.
    • Guillot responded, “I would say in probably over a month we could probably have over 1,000 a month.”
  • What are these drones, and who’s controlling them? It doesn’t take a brain scientist to conclude that they are likely mostly operated by the human and drug trafficking Mexican cartels, who presumably are scouting the U.S. response to the border invasion and looking for the best ways to counter it. The unmanned aircraft could themselves be used to transport narcotics:
  • But drones and illegal immigrants from South and Central America aren’t the only problems…
    • “The number of Chinese that are coming across the border is a big concern of mine. In fact, in the short period of time that I’ve been in command, I’ve gone down to the southern border to talk to the agents and leadership about that. And then I’ve also spoken with the acting commissioner of the CBP on this subject,” Guillot said.
    • Guillot continued, “What concerns me most about specifically the Chinese migrants is – one, that they’re so centralized in one location on the border. And two, is while many may be political refugees, other explanations, the ability for counterintelligence to hide in plain sight in those numbers.”

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