Christian Groups Demand Release of IRS/Atheist Deal

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

Christian organizations are demanding the Internal Revenue Service release the details of a deal they made with the anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation to target churches and their tax-exempt status.

The agreement between the IRS and the anti-Christianists was part of a hearing in federal court on July 17th to settle a lawsuit brought in 2012.

The virulent anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation said that churches were illegally influencing the outcome of elections by talking to congregants about political issues from the pulpit during services.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition says that the IRS has a history of harassment of conservative and Christian groups, making this secret deal with those aiming to destroy Christians dangerous for all Americans.

“Given the history of the IRS in harassing, persecuting and infringing on the First Amendment rights of Christians and other people of faith, this is a deeply disturbing development,” said Ralph Reed, chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition. “For the Christian community to be targeted for increased enforcement power and the threat of loss of tax-exempt status by this scandal-plagued agency defies logic, common sense, and any sound legal basis.”

The group is not the only ones looking into the secret deal.  Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has sent letters to the IRS and Department of Justice demanding to see all communications between the government and the anti-Christianists.


5 thoughts on “Christian Groups Demand Release of IRS/Atheist Deal

  1. Wow!

    Oh kay, so I must enter in on this, seeing that scripture / the Word of God is being fulfilled via ignorance. Hosea 4:6

    1. “the united states of america is not the kingdom of heaven nor are we above reproach.the church in america needs to endure not complain or protest.”
    No, the USofA is Not the kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is God’s kingdom. Earth is man’s kingdom. We’ve been given dominion here upon planet Earth, not in Heaven. And it is our (as the church / the Body of Christ) stewardship / responsibility to bring the kingdom (of Heaven) here upon Earth. To manifest the kingdom of my Father here upon this Earth. I am not “ordained” to cower & hide & “endure”. Think about it; lest you are someone who gives a whatever & simply sits back, being entertained & waiting to die, to go to Heaven –what a joke! Matthew 13: 10-12
    “Not complain or protest”? -I agree. We are to be proactive, operating in faith (faith is a verb, in case you do not know), whereby the gates of Hell do Not prevail. We are to push open / force open these gates & free the captives. Matthew 16:19; Revelation 1:18
    So endure? –I think not. Perhaps if you don’t make rapture, then you can endure. Proverbs 4
    2. As for “the kingdom of heaven is not about money -taxes-retirement-stocks-housing etc. its about love-joy-peace-grace-mercy-forgivness-faith and holiness in christ jesus.amen.”, too much to go into here without loosing ya. Way too much. The Words of God are exact & of order. So let’s get this straight here & now: Daniel 7:27; Matthew 3:2; Matthew 4:17; Matthew 10:7; Matthew 11:11; Matthew 13:24; Matthew 13:31; Matthew 13:33; Matthew 13:44; Matthew 13:45; Matthew 13:47; Matthew 13:52; Matthew 18:23; Matthew 20:1; Matthew 22:2; Matthew 25:14; Galatians 5:22; 2 Corinthians 7:1; 1 Peter 1:1-16; 2 Peter 1:1-11.
    3. Humility is obedience.
    Therefore, if one does not know (understand / been tried under / Word become engrafted) the Word of God, yet said one is no longer a child (i.e. been “saved” for several years), then “humility is not possible & most likely will be “taught” to this person via unnecessary “hardships”.
    To be humble to your parents is to obey them. Not to cower down & be a worm. And, to be humble is not to be a child of God. To be humble is to be a proven man or woman of God. Exodus 10:3; Numbers 1:1-13.
    4. Personal property does Not belong to Caesar. Neither does what does not “belong” to Caesar / the government. Now if you live “today” when Jesus walked the Earth & the Old Testament times are still in operation & you are living under the government of the Roman Empire / the Caesar (who is now a dictator by having removed the power of the Senate, the voice of the people). Sure, what they took, they took. Or if you are living in Germany with the political party called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was empowered, then yes, I can somewhat understand where you are coming from. Or during & in the countries of the dictatorships of Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, or who or whomever. Yet this is the USofA & this country / land had been given to / dedicated to God Himself. So you telling us that He gave it away to who or whomever???
    Yet the the United States of America is not “goverened” by anyone; these United States of America are governed by the Federal Constitution (& each state by it’s own State Constitution). Overall, the USofA is governed by law, not by a military nor by a dictator or dictators. Nor by the United Nations, nor by the world. By constitution, which I believe was ordained via God Himself. So you tell me where does the IRS get off with its’ intimidations towards the Body of Christ? I’d proclaim “enforce the law!”, U.S. congressmen & senators.

    People / Church of God, what is stewardship?

    Because of Jesus,

  2. the united states of america is not the kingdom of heaven nor are we above reproach.the church in america needs to endure not complain or protest.

  3. the kingdom of heaven is not about money -taxes-retirement-stocks-housing etc. its about love-joy-peace-grace-mercy-forgivness-faith and holiness in christ jesus.amen.

  4. the church in america needs to quit winning and wake up. humble ourselves in the sight of the lord and he will lift us up.

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