Cindy and Mike Jacobs Bring Prophetic Messages to Morningside

Again, answering the mandate to provide a platform for the prophets, Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker welcomed Cindy and Mike Jacobs back to Grace Street and together they brought a strong Revelation message for this hour to the Church. As Pastor Jim says,Cindy carries a strong prophetic anointing and wherever she goes, she is a literal prophesying machine. What an incredible blessing as together they discussed the Times we are living in.

Pastor Jim began with a very strong encouragement for the saints to come together as the Church in unity and to get ready because things are coming! He shared that this last few weeks and months have been a season of great spiritual warfare for him personally and for the ministry. He said that it’s time to put aside petty things and come together because we are going to need each other in the difficult times ahead.

Cindy said that this is not just a season of pressure,but of GREAT pressure! There is a great deal of spiritual warfare going for many in the Body of Christ and for anybody who is on the Lord’s side! The pressures are enormous – and it’s a 5-alarm fire in the spirit! Yet, the prophetic word came forth that God is giving us keys to unlock the dreams of doing something for the Kingdom, and we are going to come through all the pressure and all the fire as pure gold!

Pastor Jim recalled the prophetic warning he had been given years ago in his “31 Things” and that God had spoken again to him recently of “great death by water.” He reiterated that God’s people should be ready for anything because severe weather and storms that are off the charts are coming. He recalled sitting up in bed and a spiritual ‘portal’ opened and God gave a supernatural knowledge and an understanding of the times we are living in. He said the elections will not change world events – the horses of Revelation are already riding. The word from God continued, “mankind has mocked Me – ‘Time’ has begun and the final time clock is ticking.” He said the Lord had told him to prepare a shelter because great storms are coming!

Pastor Jim also gave a prophetic word regarding“desert disasters” in the West, and cold, cold, cold weather coming. He said ‘something’ is coming in January that is catastrophic, and God had shown him also that a major leader is going to die.

The conversation turned to the restoration taking place at Heritage USA and how God had miraculously provided the way for the Upper Room to be restored exactly as it was when Jim built it so many years ago. At one point, those who were restoring it actually were led by God to dig under the road to find the last two stones that were inscribed with faith scriptures on the walkway that led into the Upper Room. But they did find them, and they did put them back into place, just as they were in the beginning! Cindy then prophesied of an “escalation season for restoration.” God is going to escalate the restoration of things! …to which all said “Amen!”

We can’t wait for tomorrow. Be sure to join us on Grace Street in person, if you can, or on our live stream on the internet.

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