Cindy Jacobs Brings a Message of The Vision

The second day of taping with Cindy and Mike Jacobs brought even more great prophetic teaching, revelations, and declarations by this dynamic duo. The Master’s Pastor’s Choir sang “Write the Vision” and catapulted the atmosphere into a spiritual spontaneity shared with all who were there.

Cindy gave us 5 Points on the “Write the Vision” theme:

1. If you have a vision from God and it’s never opposed, it’s not a true vision from God.

2. You’re perfected through the things you suffer. Your soul may get weary and need strengthening but the perfecting is necessary.

3. Today’s tests are tomorrow’s testimonies.

4. Faith always operates in the red. When the money is in the bank, you don’t need faith. The time for faith is before you see the results.

5. What you sow, God will bank in heaven and you will reap what you sow.

Pastor Jim shared that there will be bigger storms in Texas.

Pastor Jim asked Cindy about the situation in the Middle East and Cindy said that Israel is going to have to make a move. She said that Benjamin Netanyahu will have to be a skillful surgeon as he deals with Iran. While we support Israel, the blessing will stay on this country, but if we don’t stand with Israel, it will be our demise.

One exciting prophecy that Cindy gave addressed a prophetic marriage of Lori’s House and the GenerationNOW television network! The two are physically located side-by-side in the Peaceful Valley. The Lord said in the prophecy that there would be reality television shows coming from Lori’s House and produced by the GenerationNOW network that will cause women to see that abortion is wrong! Now that’s something to get excited about!

Cindy also prophesied that a “media prophet” is coming to Morningside. Hallelujah!

Pastor Jim and Cindy discussed the situation with the direction this country is headed and Cindy said that we have a slim chance to turn things around. The Light is becoming very light, and the dark is getting darker. She referred to Ninevah and said that God intended to judge Ninevah, but lessened the judgment when Jonah was sent to tell them to repent, and they did! That’s what needs to happen in our nation.

The conversation turned to prophecies that David Wilkerson had written years ago of many things that have come to pass including the economic crash of ’08. He also said there would be drastic weather changes which we are seeing right now, uncontrolled credit debt, bankruptcies of major corporations, the auto industry hit hard, and the price of gold going very, very high. All of these things did, of course, happen.

During this conversation, Pastor Jim suddenly received a prophetic word that “something’s going to happen in Chicago. I see water in Chicago.” He also said that something “unexpected” is coming in January of 2013.

All that were present were keenly aware of the prophetic flow that was stirred as Pastor Jim and Lori, once again, provided a platform for God’s prophets to address His Church.

The Word of God says in 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

It’s very interesting that the verse which declares a blessing for those who receive God’s prophets and what they have to say is labeled as 20:20. Going back to the beginning of this article, perhaps the Vision is only 20:20 when it’s seen through the Prophet’s Lens.


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