Coming To Morningside Tuesday May 8th, Dr. Lance Wallnau with a Trump/Cyrus Prophecy Update!

Dr. Lance Wallnau Dr. Lance Wallnau on the Jim Bakker show

In 2015, Lance Wallnau was directed by God to Isaiah 45, and from there prophesied that Donald Trump would be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. What happened in the months that followed was an unprecedented election and an anointing on our now President Donald Trump. He is the Cyrus of our age and a wrecking ball for what has been and what is yet to come.

USA Today reports that he is one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency while running against 15 opponents. We hope you will join us May 8th, 2018 on Grace Street at Morningside as we welcome back Lance Wallnau and discuss how God is working in new and unprecedented ways among the nations.

It is time for a Trump/Cyrus Prophecy Update and you are invited!  

Join us May 8th, 2018 at 11am on Grace Street at Morningside!  

Admission is free!

If you are unable to be with us for this amazing taping of the Jim Bakker Show  please be sure to watch when the show airs on your station, on, or on the PTL Television Network through your Roku or Apple TV.

2 thoughts on “Coming To Morningside Tuesday May 8th, Dr. Lance Wallnau with a Trump/Cyrus Prophecy Update!

  1. Is it possible to be able to order Dr. Lance Wallnau’s DVD Video about the Cyprus/Trump message that he delivered at Morningside and I is dated May 6, 2019.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of this ministry! Yes, Lance Wallnau’s Cyrus/Trump bundle is still available to purchase. It comes with the DVD of his evening service on May 6th, a booklet about this topic, and a Trump/Cyrus coin. This bundle is available for purchase in our webstore at with SKU # 904177 or you can order by phone at 888-988-1588.

      You may also order by mail at this address:

      Jim Bakker Show
      P.O. Box 7330
      Branson, MO 65615

      Please make all checks/money orders out to “ Jim Bakker Show” or “Morningside Church”. Thank you again for your friendship and support!

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