Countries that back Ukraine in bombing Russia may find themselves to be a target Russia warns

This week a key restocking depot in Bryansk 95 miles inside Russia was hit, causing explosions at fuel tanks and a refinery. Ukraine has not admitted carrying out the attack. Armed forces minister James Heappey says Ukraine is within its rights to take the war across the border

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Important Takeaways:

  • Moscow says it CAN strike military sites in Britain and other NATO countries and may target our diplomats in Kyiv with ‘retaliatory strikes’ after UK minister’s ‘provocative’ backing for Ukraine bombing Russia
  • Moscow warned it could target UK diplomats with bombs as they return to Kyiv following Russia’s failed siege
  • The Kremlin also warned it could strike NATO sites in countries like Britain over their support of Ukraine
  • The escalation comes as Russia agitates over the West arming Ukrainian forces in their resistance of Putin
  • The Kremlin’s defense ministry made the remark after James Heappey backed Ukrainian air strikes on Russia

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