Cruise passengers spot Russian warships heading to Cuba


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Important Takeaways:

  • Russian nuclear warships are heading to Cuba for joint military drills with their Caribbean allies.
  • Cruise ship passengers were left horrified after spotting Russian warships from their cabin windows, leading to a stark warning from a leading defense expert.
  • Passengers on board the cruise liner said they saw six ships passing by in broad daylight off the coast of Florida.
  • “I just happened to look outside and I saw one of the ships, so I went outside to investigate,” one passenger told CNN. “I could see six ships at one time across the horizon. There have been ships in sight most of the day. I was surprised how close they are, we are not that far off shore.”
  • The sighting comes as NATO ships are currently escorting a Russian naval contingent en route to Cuba. The convoy includes American warships USS Truxtun, USS Donald Cook, and Piedra CG (758); Canadian Navy ship HMCS Ville de Québec (FFH 332); French Navy high seas patrol vessel Teriieroo A Teriierooiterai (P780); and the Frigate La Fayette (FS Guepratte F714).
  • The Russian warships recently conducted drills in the Atlantic, demonstrating Moscow’s commitment to projecting power amid ongoing tensions with the West over Ukraine.
  • While Russia has previously sent warships to the Caribbean, the latest visit comes after Putin’s warning that Moscow could provide similar weapons to adversaries of the West if Ukraine’s allies allow Kyiv to use their weapons against targets in Russia.

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