Daily Mail report exposes China investing and infiltrating K-12 public school program: ‘The Chinese Communist Party wants the next generation of American leaders to be amenable to its political aims’


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Important Takeaways:

  • Iowa high schoolers thank ‘Grandpa Xi’ for ‘fully funding’ field trips to China: Emails expose how Beijing is infiltrating American public classrooms
  • The Chinese Communist Party paid for multiple trips to China for small-town Iowa high schoolers who exchanged letters with President Xi Jinping and praised the country and its leader.
  • Shocking correspondence exclusively reviewed by DailyMail.com reveals lengthy emails between public school officials in Muscatine, Iowa, and Chinese government officials to coordinate several field trips to the Asian country.
  • One Chinese language teacher who helped organize a previously reported January 2024 trip to China informed the Muscatine Community School District officials that the journey for 24 students would be fully paid for by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • Further, email correspondence between Muscatine administrators reviewed by DailyMail.com indicates that a third trip to China is tentatively scheduled for Muscatine students in October.
  • ‘In the past few days, the Chinese consulate has been in contact with me regarding the upcoming China trip,’ the Chinese language teacher wrote to fellow administrators.
  • ‘We have been invited by the Ministry of Education of China to visit at the end of January.’
  • ‘You’re all invited and China will cover all of the costs,’ the note continued.
  • Days later, two dozen Muscatine High School students were flown to China for a eight day trip flush with visits to the Great Wall of China and the Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • In February, Chinese state-run TV outlet CCTV visited Muscatine High School to interview students about their trip.
  • Students heaped praise on the country, with a group of them telling the outlet ‘I love you, China.’
  • The students also sang a song celebrating Chinese President Xi Jinping for helping them visit the country.
  • ‘Thank you Grandpa Xi,’ one student said in mandarin, before adding ‘China is vast and beautiful.’
  • ‘The Chinese Communist Party wants the next generation of American leaders to be amenable to its political aims and willing to dismiss the plethora of atrocities it’s committed, including genocide,’ investigative fellow at Parents Defending Education Alex Nester told DailyMail.com.
  • ‘American schools are playing right into the CCP’s hands,’ she continued. ”All expenses paid’ does not mean ‘free’ when we’re talking about the communist regime in China.’
  • ‘The CCP has openly stated that infiltrating the American education system is a top priority,’ Nester told DailyMail.com. ‘Adults need to wake up and realize what’s really happening under their watch.’
  • The Chinese president said at the time he aims to bring 50,000 American students to Asian country in the next five years.
  • The elderly Iowan has a longstanding relationship with the Chinese leader dating back to 1985 when she hosted him and other Chinese officials visiting the midwest.
  • They toured farms and manufacturing facilities during their research into American food production systems.
  • Previously, Parents Defending Education published a report indicating that the Chinese government was investing millions in public schools across the country.
  • The report said that the close coordination between the CCP and U.S. schools to establish Confucius Classrooms has historically included 143 school districts in 34 states and Washington, D.C.
  • In addition, at least seven contracts are still active in Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington.

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