5 thoughts on “Pastor Jim Bakker: Prayer for the Election

  1. Jim Baker your prayer and that of millions of other Americans has reached Gods ears and God has shown his mercy on America last night! Thankyou Jim and thank you Jesus!

  2. Yes, we have been praying & fasting. Calling Christians to repentance. My family early voted. Praying protection for our Trump/Pence, families, staffers, transition team, advisors. Texas Red!
    Prophetess Fran Anderson

  3. I have been praying for the election for quite some time and did the 3 day fast and prayer Thurs. thru Sat. To day I broke the fast and may take it up tomorrow and Tues. Praying for God to send his angels to break apart the darkness in high places over this nation. That is what I sense.That is a problem. I pray for our nation ea. day. You can count me in.I am praying for Donald Trump. and all of the Godly candidates.

  4. yes, we have been praying. I plan to fast from Nov 6-8. All Christians need to unite in pray and call for repentance, and God’s grace and mercy. Tell everyone you know to pray for America, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence, and their family. Steven L

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