DNI releases Annual Threat Assessment saying China will use Supply Chain as a Weapon

Global Supply Chains

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Important Takeaways:

  • US Worries China Will Use Supply Chains As Weapon
  • The “Annual Threat Assessment” issued by the Director of National Intelligence said China is already using its supply chain dominance to force foreign companies and countries to transfer technologies and intellectual property to it.
  • China hit back against the assessment on Thursday, terming the report “slander” and saying it “confuses black with white.”
  • That could be a particular danger if China is able to take over Taiwan, another leading contributor to industrial and technology components, it said.
  • The “Annual Threat” report singled out China’s dominance in technology sectors including semiconductors, critical minerals, batteries, solar panels, and pharmaceuticals.
  • It pointed to an April 2020 speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said China sought to increase control of key supply chains to be “able to use those supply chain dependencies to threaten and cut off foreign countries during a crisis.”
  • In space, by 2030 China will probably be “world-class” in all but a few specific technology areas.

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