Drug Resistant Malaria Parasite Discovered

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malariaScientists have discovered drug-resistant strains of the parasite that causes malaria.

Researchers in Cambodia have found strains unlike any other in the world. The organisms have shown resistance to the top drugs to fight malaria. The likelihood of drug resistant organisms was first suspected in 2008 across southeast Asia.

“All the most effective drugs that we have had in the last few decades have been one by one rendered useless by the remarkable ability of this parasite to mutate and develop resistance,” Dr. Olivo Miotto, one of the group’s lead researchers, told the BBC.

Scientists have not been able to understand why the parasites have such a high ability to adapt to various malaria drugs.

The World Health Organization estimates over 219 million cases of malaria worldwide each year. Over 66,000 people die from the disease, 90% of the deaths in Africa.

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