Eye Opening Visit with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

We have just spent an amazing two days here at Morningside with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, taping several shows to be aired soon (watch the “Show Schedule” for airdates). Rabbi Cahn gave us the highlights of his new book “The Harbinger” (which means sign, omen, warning, herald of something to come) and left most of us speechless with his teachings regarding the judgment of God upon this nation.

Rabbi Cahn parallels the judgment against Israel in Isaiah 9:10 with the World Trade Center destruction on 9-1-1 and subsequent events. He explains that the first “Harbinger” was God lifting His hand of protection to allow our enemies to strike a deadly blow against the World Trade Center which represented this nation’s economic system. He goes on to explain that the response of this nation to the very first “Harbinger” or warning was the same as Israel’s – to proudly and prophetically proclaim that they would rebuild bigger and better than before. However, the response the Lord was looking for was repentance, and a turning back to Him.  There are 8 more harbingers  he unravels in a stunning prophetic parallel of the U.S. to Israel in Isaiah 9:10.

Rabbi Cahn has been given great revelation and is a master at unfolding the mystery surrounding this End-Time event. His new book “The Harbinger” is available through our book section in the Love Gifts page of our website. We also have DVDs and CDs of further teaching on this subject available.

We look forward to Rabbi Cahn’s next visit.