FBI Issues Alert: Middle Eastern Men Harassing Military Families

Matthew 24:10,11 Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

The FBI has issued an alert to officials in Colorado and Wyoming over a group of Middle Eastern men who have been harassing military families in the region.

Areas specifically mentioned by the FBI alert include Greeley, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

One incident had two Middle Eastern men approaching a woman outside her home.  The men stated they knew she was the wife of a U.S. interrogator.  The men laughed when she denied the claim and then the men entered a dark-colored sedan that contained two other Middle Eastern men.

Other incidents have the men attempting to gain information.

“On numerous occasions family members of military personnel were confronted by Middle Eastern males in front of their homes,” the FBI alert reads. “The males have attempted to obtain personal information about the military men’s family members through intimidation.”

“The family members have reported feeling scared,” it added.

ISIS has stated that they intend to strike military members in their homes and last March published a list of addresses they claimed belonged to U.S. military members.

The alert also says the FBI cannot confirm if the incidents involve the same men.

5 thoughts on “FBI Issues Alert: Middle Eastern Men Harassing Military Families

  1. I wonder if the Chinese government secretly gave these same Middle-Eastern men this information; after having “hacked” the computers at the Personnel Management Agency. Let’s pray for the protection (and salvation) of these same government employees being “harassed”. And pray even for the Middle-Easterners as well! For such is the will of Christ; that we pray even for our “enemies”!

  2. The Military and Law Enforcement have always been there to protect us. Now, perhaps, it is our turn to help them. No spouse needs the additional stress of having to worry about family members while they are out protecting others.

    If you can, consider offering your home as an alternate haven for them. This might also include picking the children up from school, or having the children’s phones programmed with your number. I’m sure there are 100 more ways to offer assistance to these families. Make a commitment to help those who serve us.

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