Firefighter Prophet Mark Taylor’s Prophecy On Supreme Court One Step Closer To Reality

Mark Taylor, Co-Author of "The Trump Prophecies" Mark Taylor, Co-Author of "The Trump Prophecies"

By Kami Klein

There is a saying, “When God calls; you answer.”  Mark Taylor, co-author of “The Trump Prophecies”, is very familiar with this concept.  Becoming a Prophet was not high on his ‘to do’ list but this third generation firefighter began an incredible journey when God gave him the prophecy that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.  In an article from Charisma Magazine, Mark explains ‘what happened’ in the November 2016 election when the electoral map began turning from blue to red and the world watched this prophecy come to pass.

“God intervened. He did so by raising an unlikely person, even someone most Christians would not have chosen. Yet there was a miraculous aspect to this election that can only be explained—for those of us who love Jesus and believe the Bible—as though it were somehow God’s will.”

On February 16. 2016, Mark received another prophecy regarding the Supreme Court.  In the document entitled “Do Not Fear America” God reveals his plans for the Highest Court in the United States.  Here is an excerpt of this prophecy.

The Spirit of God says, “Do not fear that my servant Justice Scalia has been taken, for some are crying out, why have I forsaken. For I will show myself strong to prove that the so called wise are wrong. For some will say that this is a miracle, for I am just getting started, this is not even close to the pinnacle, for what I am going to do with My America. For do not my people have eyes to see and ears to hear the two signs I gave, when they carried my servant’s body up the steps of the courthouse where to rest he was laid? Read the signs! Read the signs that were for all to see, and understand the words in this prophecy.”

The Spirit of God says, “5, that’s right, 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by my new president, my anointed. I will choose 5 through my anointed to keep those alive.

I will stack the court with those that I choose, to send a clear message to the enemy, that you lose! This is the miracle that I will perform, so that MY COURT will be reformed.”

Today the announcement was made that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy plans to retire after three decades as an influential vote on the highest U.S. judicial court.  Kennedy who turns 82 in July is the second oldest justice on the nine member court. His retirement will take effect on July 31, 2018.

Justice Kennedy’s retirement gives President Donald Trump another opportunity to appoint a new Supreme Court Judge. This will be the second appointment since the President took office in January, 2017.  

This latest vacancy now found within the Supreme Court brings Mark Taylor’s prophecy one step closer.

 We highly recommend reading the prophecies of this gifted man of God. Jim and Lori Bakker have interviewed Mark Taylor several times on The Jim Bakker Show and you can find his prophecies including a video on his book ”The Trump Prophecies” on his website   You can also find episodes of The Jim Bakker show featuring Mark Taylor ‘On Demand’ at our website. 

For the full story of  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement, please follow this link.  

3 thoughts on “Firefighter Prophet Mark Taylor’s Prophecy On Supreme Court One Step Closer To Reality

  1. Amazing prophecy of the Catholic Church corruption being exposed when he did this in January of 2018. It began in July I believe. I am a born again Christian who is also Catholic. I do know many very good priests and some Bishops who love the Lord Jesus Christ. They are not all corrupt. But he is correct in saying that the sense of not knowing what to do, who to trust is evident in Catholics who are disgusted by the corruption. I would say that they (we) will not all leave the Church. There are Catholic prophecies that state that a remnant of true Christians will be left. Still not sure how this will manifest. Perhaps these Catholics will form loyalty to another Body. While I do not want to discuss this issue, I had to share my astonishment of the accurateness of his January prophecy and thought others may be edified.

  2. The things that Our Almighty God(Elohim) is doing in this Nation of His ,is only more proof that when He decides to do something, No one, and I mean, NO One can stop what God has said what He is going to do! The Liberals, and those in Hollywood cannot continue to speak ugly lies about Our President, and cannot continue to mock God! He said that He has had enough, and now the time is coming to where He is getting His Church ready for the return of His Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus! Thank you for all that you are doing
    Laura Register
    (The Lord Bless you all)

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