Fox losing viewer’s; meanwhile Tucker posts a 2 minute video on social media with 70 million views

Tucker after firing
  • Fox News ratings slump below MSNBC’s in timeslot Tucker Carlson dominated – as former host’s video breaking his silence is viewed by almost 70 MILLION people
  • Hundreds of thousands of once loyal Fox News viewers are leaving the network in droves following Tucker Carlson’s firing.
  • Those viewers are apparently abandoning the network as they look for something fresh in his old time slot.
  • Fox drew 1.33 million viewers for hastily arranged replacement show Fox News Tonight hosted by Brian Kilmeade in Carlson’s old 8pm slot on Wednesday night.
  • Carlson offered his own alternative to both Kilmeade and Hayes on Wednesday, posting a two-minute monologue on Twitter at 8pm. By Thursday night, that video has been viewed 70 million times, according to the social media site.
  • Fox’s figures are down 56 percent from the 3.05 million viewers Carlson reached last Wednesday, Nielsen said.
  • In the wake of Carlson’s firing, viewing at the conservative network Newsmax has shot up for Eric Bolling, who hosts a show in the same 8pm Eastern slot.
  • On Tuesday, Bolling had 562,000 viewers, up from 122,000 the same day a week earlier.

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