Franklin Graham: Christians Are Being Bullied Into Silence

Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

Rev. Franklin Graham says that atheist groups are attempting to “bully Christian into silence” after the Christian-targeting Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) demanded an Air Force general be courtmartialed for giving credit to God on the National Day of Prayer.

“Are Christians the only group of people who cannot identify themselves publicly in this country? Are we the only voices who cannot speak?” Graham asked in a Facebook post on Monday.

“I guess this group would’ve tried to court martial George Washington when he prayed at Valley Forge! Come on —whose civil liberties are really being infringed on here? They want to bully Christians into silence.”

The MRFF said that Maj. Gen. Craig Olson should be “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions” after crediting God for his success during a speech at the National Day of Prayer Task Force event May 7th.

“He put me in charge of failing programs worth billions of dollars. I have no ability to do that, no training to do that. God did that. He sent me to Iraq to negotiate foreign military sales deals through an Arabic interpreter. I have no ability to do that. I was not trained to do that. God did all of that,” Olson said.

The head of the MRFF said that airmen are not allowed to endorse a faith.

“Olson’s highly publicized, sectarian speech is nothing less than a brutal disgrace to the very uniform he was wearing and the solemn oath he took to support and defend the United States Constitution,” Mikey Weinstein wrote.

“This public address was his, and the USAF’s, ‘contribution’ to this scathingly sectarian 2015 version of the [task force’s] annual shame spectacle and display of Christian supremacy and exceptionalism held in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Graham said that Weinstein’s actions show “in America, there has recently grown an ugly, anti-Christian bias and intolerance that is changing our nation from the inside out, opening doors for all kinds of discrimination and loss of religious freedom that we hear about daily in the news.”

13 thoughts on “Franklin Graham: Christians Are Being Bullied Into Silence

  1. You are completely right, Donald !! And a real shake up is coming soon in this country to wake Christians up !! SOON ! Find and listen to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Bill Cloud, Perry Stone, Rick Joyner, etc…….men hearing from God regarding end times.

  2. God Help and favor this man Olsen , who gave you the Glory’ Oh God of All.
    Let him win this Victory already won at TheCross by your Precious Blood Jesus !

  3. Be court martial-ed or you kidding me, for upholding his beliefs he didn’t betray his country seems like your trying to betray him. What crime what transgresstions the ones accusing him are committing the crime and transgresstions. Our men and women took an oath to protect this country that was rasied
    up on God given values. We must protect them. At a time like this when ISIS and other terror gourps are rageing, our boarders are not protected, our military has to watch its back, people want to do the USA harm. Someone has the gall to be taking up time with stupid stuff like this. Get on the ball and lets protect our nation.

  4. Why is it that America has to roll up into a ball when the Atheist speak? These no souled people or are they even people should have the right to make Americans knees shake or courts to bow into wrongful decisions which the whole nation must stop or hide in shadows!

    These small part of people compared to the masses which is God and Jesus believers we have allowed to go against what our forefathers which founded our nation, the Atheists act like they founded America and the American people must do whatever they want!

    Why can’t Americans see what our forefathers decided in the first court they opened, they talked about prayer in school, religious symbols to be displayed anywhere, that God, Jesus and religious views to be the true foundation of America the only thing they didn’t want is religions not to be endorse and be a part of government etc but, no problem with religious views!

    Check it out yourself, and then join together and take these insane Atheists won decisions back to courts, state these decisions are offensive to the masses of Americans which as our forefathers founded this nation to be, on religious beliefs of proudly displaying the great symbols such as the cross etc which our forefathers did as well. this is America, One Nation Under God not, One Nation Under Atheists!

  5. Passionately pray and intercede for Franklin Graham – his safety, his ministry, and his family. We plead the blood of Jesus over him, and ask that the Lord send his messengers to watch over him and over every step he takes as he goes in and as he comes out. Support Samaritan’s Purse, the un-sung heroes that the main stream media conveniently leaves out. They hit the ground when any disaster strikes all around the world.

  6. Thank God for Franklin Graham and others like him. This country is in dire need of strong men and women of God who will stand up in the power of God,and provide true leadership to the people of God.

  7. Thank you Mr Graham for speaking up. We all need to continue to speak up and to continue to testify to what our G-d has done in our lives and the lives of others. This is still America and we need to stand up for our country also.

  8. Mark 13:13 is a very appropriate Scripture for this hour. Those who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah will be persecuted no matter where they live. God has been progressively taking His hand of protection from the USA because He is not welcome in this country. It’s time for believers in Yeshua in this country to wake up to this reality and to be ready to be persecuted for righteousness sake. We already see and hear about the persecution of believers around the world. Why would American believers be exempt?

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