For the Future of America, Friends of Jim Bakker Speak Out!

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The time is short before this historical election comes to an end, and the future of the United States of America hangs in the balance.  The fight to make our country strong will begin as each voter arrives at their polling place stands up for the morals that, as Christians, we have watched rapidly deteriorate.  The safety of this nation and the future nation that we leave for our children is on the line.  As a whole, we have passively trusted our government.

NOW is the time for us to show that as believers our votes count!

Please watch this video  of some of the most influential Christian teachers in America and friends of  The Jim Bakker Show and hear what they have to say about this election!  

Please be praying for God’s blessings as we fight for what is right at the polls!  


2 thoughts on “For the Future of America, Friends of Jim Bakker Speak Out!

  1. This is the moment of testing. There couldn’t be a more starking contrast regarding the issues the candidates have on hand. Even though this may not be the candidate many of us at first wanted to win the nomination in the Republican Party, it is the candidate of choose allowed by God. He knew all along. Do you know it would take more faith to believe that God can work through Hillary than Trump? If we want to see the kingdom of darkness repelled, let’s get out and vote tomorrow sounding forth at the dawn (Don) of the trumpet (Trump).

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