Guam hit directly by Massive Typhoon, most without power

Typhoon Mawar Typhoon Mawar is seen on satellite. (NASA/NOAA)

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Important Takeaways:

  • Typhoon Mawar Live Updates: Most Of Guam Loses Power As Storm Strikes Island Directly
  • Guam is in the dark as Typhoon Mawar struck its more than 150,000 American citizens directly Wednesday night local time.
  • It was scary and there were times when it felt like the house was moving every time the wind hits us, and it is definitely not a good feeling,” Joseph Taitano,
  • Taitano said he knows many trees and power lines are down, but the full scope of the damage won’t be clear until it’s daylight again there.
  • Nurse Details Scene at Guam Memorial Hospital
  • “We have all been here for 2 days now sleeping here and working. We can’t even see outside because the doors have been blown in and we can’t get close. But the hospital is flooding everywhere, ceiling is falling down. The flooding is sparking electrical outlets and causing smoke and fires. The wind is so strong and loud it is shaking the entire building so bad,”
  • National Weather Service forecasters in Guam warned that the island was going to be severely impacted by the force of Typhoon Mawar.
  • “The landscape is going to look different,” Ken Kleeschulte, a lead meteorologist with the NWS in Guam, told the Associated Press.
  • “The buildings will still be there, for the most part,” he added as a nod to the fortified building codes on the island in recent decades that have made newer structures more likely to survive powerful typhoons.
  • The Guam Power Authority said in a Facebook post that only 1,000 of about 52,000 customers on the island had power Wednesday afternoon, and conditions were too dangerous for crews to get out and fix the outages.
  • the National Weather Service had issued an extreme wind warning, signifying sustained winds of at least 115 mph were expected.

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