Hezbollah rockets strike further inside Israel’s border raising tensions of all-out war

Israel-Hezbollah-map Israel-Hezbollah Tensions Raise Risk of Two-Front War | Time's running short for a diplomatic solution, Israel says © Source: Bloomberg

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Important Takeaways:

  • Israel-Hezbollah Tensions Rise With Rocket Barrage From Lebanon
  • Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah intensified on Wednesday when Israeli towns and an army base came under what appeared to be the fiercest attacks from Lebanon since the confrontation began four months ago.
  • The assault, presumed to be carried out by Hezbollah fighters based in Lebanon, prompted Israeli fighter jets to launch extensive strikes on the Iran-backed group’s positions.
  • The barrage of missiles from Lebanon hit the town of Safed, about 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the border and deeper into Israel than previous attacks by Hezbollah. The group has been trading fire almost daily with Israel since its war with Hamas erupted in October, though those skirmishes have mostly been contained to the border area.
  • Many Israeli politicians, including members of cabinet, have urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the army to act more aggressively against Hezbollah, the most powerful militia in the Middle East. It vows to destroy the Jewish state.
  • “This isn’t just a dribble anymore, this is war,” Israel’s national security minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, who’s long advocated a more aggressive stance against Hezbollah, said. “It is time to change the way we think.”
  • Other officials were more measured, but also implied Israel would retaliate aggressively.
  • “This morning we experienced a severe attack for which the response will come soon and with strength,” said Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s war cabinet but who heads an opposition party.

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