If farmers can’t afford diesel there won’t be food in the grocery stores

Kyle Kotzmoyer of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau told lawmakers on Tuesday that farmers are being pushed to the brink by soaring diesel fuel prices. (Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Farm )

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Important Takeaways:

  • Could a food shortage be coming? Record diesel prices are crushing Pa. farmers, lawmakers told
  • Kotzmoyer told lawmakers diesel is a “huge, huge expense” for farmers. One Cumberland County farmer, he said, works about 3,500 acres with several diesel-consuming tractors and burns though about 2,000 gallons of diesel per month.
  • Average diesel fuel prices Tuesday in Pennsylvania were $6.19 a gallon, about 75% higher than a year ago, according to AAA.
  • Right now consumers are spending an average of $3,000 more a year on food and gas, because of inflation

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