Is the Vatican’s relationship with the CCP something to be alarmed about?


A watchman is to see danger coming and to sound the alarm. He is to urge God’s people to live faithfully and warn them of any risks that may tempt them to take their focus off the Lord (Ezekiel 33:7).

Important Takeaways:

  • Pope Francis: Vatican’s Relationship with China is ‘Very, Very Respectful’
  • Pope Francis said Monday that the Vatican is walking a “friendly path” with China, insisting that “relations are moving forward” on both sides.
  • “The relationship with China is very respectful, very respectful. I personally have great admiration for the Chinese people,” the pontiff told reporters aboard the papal plane returning to Rome from Mongolia.
  • The pope was asked why he urged Chinese Catholics to be “good citizens” after Beijing denied permission for Chinese bishops to travel to Mongolia for the papal visit.
  • Pope Francis has faced widespread criticism for his policy of appeasement with the CCP, demonstrated by his unwillingness to call out China’s egregious human rights violations toward the Uyghur Muslims and other groups.
  • “While the Vatican has reached a provisional agreement with China on the issue of episcopal appointments, reports of persecution by the Chinese government persist as underground churches are closed and their priests detained, crosses destroyed, bibles confiscated, and children under 18 forbidden from attending Mass and receiving religious instruction,” the U.S. bishops said in a 2020 communiqué.

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