ISIS Cuts Off Women’s Hands For Using Cell Phone

Revelation 6:3-4 NCV When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given power to take away peace (prosperity, rest) from the earth and to make people kill each other (butcher, slaughter, to maim violently, in streets), and he was given a big sword (assassins sword, terrorist, loud, mighty, sore afraid).

New reports of the brutality of ISIS are coming from Iraq including their chopping off the hands of women who were using cell phones.

A witness reported that ISIS caught women using cell phones in the city of Mosul and proceeded to cut off their hands for it.  Five men who were caught using cell phones were bound and whipped for “illegal use of the devices.”

“The ISIS militants cut three women’s hands off for unknown charges,” the man claimed. “They also whipped five people for using cell phones to contact their relatives while standing on the celebration stage in the Cultural Compound in central Mosul.”

The terrorists then told the citizens of Mosul if they were found using a cellphone, they would be given at least 30 lashes.

“In order to shut one of the doors of penetration the enemy uses to attain its goals and strike with exactness by means of its war and remote-guided aircraft, it has been decided to forbid the use of any electronic device or a system that has access to service to enable precise location of positions,” the ISIS statement declared.

The terrorist group has cut off all landlines into the city and destroyed cell phone towers to keep the town isolated from the world.


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  1. Father, our hearts cry for all this monstrous torture that satan is doing through Isis to your children on earth. I pray that all the power working through each and every Isis perpetrator be stripped from them now, body, soul and spirit in Jesus Christ’s name! I pray that every demon in every Isis person be bound in Jesus name and cast into the pit, for whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven too; Father please loose your mighty angels to deliver each of your children who are in danger or are being hurt by Isis, Isil, the Taliban, or any other like group even now in Jesus precious name. You have the mighty angels and satan will soon be cast into the lake of fire, I can hardly wait Lord.

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