Islamists Capture Egyptian Presidency

Islamists around the world celebrated as the Muslim Brotherhood claimed the Presidency in Egypt.

Mohammed Morsi received 13.2 million votes to 12.3 million for opponent Ahmed Shafiq. The powers of the Presidency are still in question as the ruling military is expected to curtail powers in the new Egyptian constitution.

In his victory speech, Morsi said he would be a president for “all of Egypt” and would not be rushing in impose Islamic Law but that conflicts with statements made to supporters. Five months ago he told a rally in Cairo that the nation’s capital would eventually be “in Jerusalem.”

Muslim Brotherhood leadership claimed that Morsi resigned his membership in the Brotherhood and their political party fulfilling a campaign promise. However, Morsi is expected to be in line with all the positions of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi’s policy platform was written by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Christians in Egypt are extremely concerned for their safety. One Christian told Reuters that for Christians in Egypt today is “doomsday.”

President Obama called Morsi and congratulated him and pledged to work with him.

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