Israeli Army Reserves In Emergency Call Up

Israeli Defense Forces have called six reserve battalions back to immediate duty in an emergency order because of conflicts in Syria and Egypt. In addition to the battalions activated there was an order from the Knesset to prepare for the call up of an additional sixteen battalions if needed by the IDF.

The call ups and order for potential activation of more reserves was in response to a request from military officials based on fresh situation assessments from intelligence officials.

This is the second time in three years that the IDF has been authorized to summon up to 22 battalions for active duty.

The army requested the call up of reserve soldiers because the only other immediate option would pull current active duty soldiers from training. The army said that canceling training would leave the troops ill-prepared in the event of an “all-out war” involving Egypt or Syria.

The call ups are based on the 2008 Reserve Duty law where combat soldiers can be called to active reserve duty once every three years with short training sessions in the other two years.


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  1. We need to be in fervent prayer for these precious ‘chosen ones of God’, many may be our brothers and sisters in Yeshua(Jesus), and oh please pray that our loving Lord, our Saviour and our soon coming King will put a hedge of protection surrounding each one as all too many lives have been cut short already, leaving families heartbroken, and those in the past whose hearts have been broken, let’s ALWAYS remember to pray for them….And most of all, please urgently, fervently pray ‘Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalyim’ (pray for the peace of Jerusalem, let them know we love them…..Blessings to all, in Jesus mighty Name, that Name that is above all names.. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

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