Israeli relatives speak out on the release of their loved ones in the Hamas War

nine-year-old-hostage-released Nine-year-old Ohad Monder reunites with his father, his brother and family member

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Important Takeaways:

  • The horrors endured by Hamas’s hostages: Barely any food, forced to sleep on plastic chairs, waiting to be executed… Israelis reveal the Hell they went through while held captive for seven weeks
  • As of Monday morning, of the roughly 240 people dragged into Gaza by Hamas in its brutal October 7 attack, 62 hostages have been released (made up of Israelis and foreigners), one was freed by Israeli forces, and two were found dead inside Gaza.
  • Their relatives have spoken of plastic chairs as beds, irregular meals of bread and rice, and hours spent waiting for the bathroom.
  • In one 84-year-old woman’s case, it is reported that she was not given vital medication while in Gaza, and that she is currently in an ‘unstable’ condition.
  • Another elderly woman said she feared she was on her way to be executed in the build up to her release, only to find that she was being freed.
  • Of those released, 58 were freed under a cease-fire deal over the past three days. Four others were freed earlier in the conflict.
  • A total of 14 hostages with Israel citizenship were returned to Israel on Sunday, the third day of a four-day truce deal with Hamas that will see a total of 50 Israeli captives freed in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.
  • Under the terms of the agreement, one more group of captives is set to be handed over to Israel in exchange for Palestinian prisoners before the end of the truce.
  • Those freed in recent days have largely stayed out of the public eye.
  • Most are still in hospitals being treated as they start to process a seven-week ordeal that may have left many of them deeply traumatized.

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