Italian volcano Etna erupts after weeks of activity

Mt Etna From Space Mount Etna seen erupting by Europe's weather satellite MTGI-1 on Monday, Aug 14, 2023. © Meteosat

Important Takeaways:

  • Satellites show Mount Etna volcano erupt after weeks of puffing out smoke rings
  • The eruption, which also produced spectacular geysers of lava, posed no risk to residents of Sicily, but forced local authorities to close a local airport due to high concentrations of abrasive volcanic ash in the air. Volcanic ash, which contains particles of molten rock, could damage aircraft engines and is considered a major risk for aviation
  • Italy’s Civil Protection Department triggered a yellow, moderate, warning for Etna’s activity. Despite being known for its frequent outbursts, the volcano isn’t usually dangerous according to the Department, as its lava rivers flow slowly and require a lot of time to reach surrounding settlements. The volcanic ash, however, could cause a lengthy disruption to air travel and substantially worsen air quality in the Mediterranean region.

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