Join us at Morningside for Live Commentary on Election Night

United States of America flag.

By Kami Klein

Today, November 8th, election day, a deeply divided America are heading to their polling locations to submit their vote for the new President of the United States of America.  On election night at 6:00pm Central Standard Time, we invite you to join Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker, Zach Drew and Sasha Volz on Grace Street or watch us on our live feed as we come together in unity and prayer while awaiting the voting results. Many decisions will be made that day as other elected state and federal seats and issues will be on the line. Today, November the 8th, is the day we share our voices on what WE, the People, want for this nation.

Please join us at Morningside on Election night! Admission is free to this event.  We will also be streaming this event live beginning at 6:00pm Central Standard Time from the PTL Television Network on Roku and Apple TV, and of course, you can also watch it via internet on watch us live.  

We will be having some of our most amazing guests calling in with their comments on this election night.  So far Jim Garlow, Ramiro Peña, Michael Snyder. Lance Wallnau, Rick Wiles, Bishop Ron Webb, and Frank Amedia are scheduled and more will be announced!

There is no gentle way to put this. The future of the United States is truly at stake and beginning November 9th we will be waking to a different America.  We ask that you PLEASE… get out and VOTE!!  If you need a ride, we encourage you to contact your city offices and ask them for information.  Most cities have volunteers that will drive you to the polls.

We look forward to spending the evening with you TONIGHT on election night!

9 thoughts on “Join us at Morningside for Live Commentary on Election Night

  1. My wife and i thank you for helping us see the truth . we both prayed before voteing for trump. But we realize ,because he won
    God is giving us and all christains the chance to witness to as people as we can about jesus and how they can get to heaven
    We voted the bible. God bless you

  2. I’ve been following your Show on line, and it’s amazing to see God’s faithfulness to the people who remain faithful to Him in USA. I live in Guatemala, and have joined with you praying for your country. That the Word of God given by true pastors, teachers and prophets prevails does according to His Will. God bless you.

  3. So thankful to JI’m and Lori and for all the quests whom have stepped forward in Jesus Christ name to tell us what’s going on in the world…because of the quests I was able to see for myself the Republican and Democrat platform…I was able to vote the Bible today….I am praying to our God and Jesus for a better America…may God Bless us again

  4. Prays for this very important time in our lives, I pray that the good Lord will hear our prayers and Heal this land. I will be watching y’all live on Election Day. Thank you Jim and Lori for speaking the truth and spreading the word of God. May your ministry receive many Blessing and remain strong in this time of warfare in our nation. God Bless in the Name of Jesus Amen

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