Joyful visit with The Gloryland Pastor’s Choir

Pastor Jim Bakker and Lori Bakker with Pastor Cedric HayesThe Jim Bakker Show and Morningside was very blessed to have had the honor of recently hosting The Gloryland Pastor’s Choir with Pastor Cedric Hayes. This choir’s sound and anointing is breathtaking to say the least. Their voices are strong, powerful and downright amazing!

Pastor Jim Bakker and The Gloryland Pastor's ChoirAdding to their vocal talent, is the group’s discipline and precision. This choir is very unique in its maturity, even though so many of its members are quite young. It’s no wonder to us that they have won so many competitions and honors and are highly recommended. We can highly recommend them too! If you can book this choir for your church event, you will not be disappointed!

Jim Bakker Show Gloryland Pastor's ChoirThe Gloryland Pastor’s Choir performed many gospel songs on the live show taping and also ministered in music to the Morningside family in evening performances. Pastor Cedric Hayes has trained them well and they are a blessing wherever they go.

The Morningside family looks forward to the next time we will be able to host this very special choir!