Lebanese TV Station Adds Arabic “N” To Support Christians In Iraq

John 16:2 Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.

A Lebanese TV station has added the Arabic letter “N” to their name as a show of solidarity with the persecuted Christians of Iraq.

A news anchor that wore a T-shirt during an evening newscast emblazoned with the letter made the announcement.  Arabic language speakers pronounce the letter “N” as “noon”.

“From Mosul to Beirut, we are all Noon,” anchor Dima Sadeq said.  “We are all targets to be pointed at with a finger or a sword because we’re different, whether in terms of sex, religion or color of our skin. We are all targets of murder in this insane era. The era of radicals, dictatorships and Israel’s hatred. Only here [in the region,] are children killed on beaches, churches closed down, mosques raided, shrines of prophets destroyed.”

Viewers of the TV station flooded phone lines and websites with positive responses.

The letter has become a symbol of solidarity with Christians in Iraq because the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria sprays the letter on the homes and businesses of Christians.  The letter was chosen because it’s the first letter in Nazarene, the term they use for followers of Christ.

The exodus of Christians from the northern parts of Iraq has reached levels that some major cities have virtually no Christians left.  The city of Mosul does not have a single operating church within its borders.

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