LIVE! Beat the Winter Blues and shop our WAREHOUSE SALE! Weds. January 29th

By Kami Klein

It’s cold, it’s dreary and the best cure is…Shopping! It’s time for our incredible warehouse sale! On Wednesday, January 29th beginning at 10 am to noon central time, Morningside’s warehouse deals will warm you right up and put a smile on your face! These will be fantastic offers because we only have a limited quantity on these items and our warehouse needs to be prepared for new products!

The best part of this sale is we are going live on the PTL Television Network! These events are always exciting and very unpredictable so we hope you can join us for some great fun! If you can’t join us live we will be re-running the show all day to give YOU a chance on some of these awesome offers!

Not only will you receive some quality items but your love gift will go to support this ministry. Air time doesn’t pay for itself and in the television world, it is quite expensive! It is vital to keep this platform going for the prophets and teachers of God’s Word! Now you can support us and maybe find a wonderful gift for birthdays, a wedding gift, Mother or Father’s Day, maybe you could even treat yourself! There will be a little bit of everything offered!

Join us on the PTL Television Network for our LIVE Warehouse Sale on Wednesday, January 29th beginning at 10 am ct! Don’t miss it! Some of these items won’t be coming back!

2 thoughts on “LIVE! Beat the Winter Blues and shop our WAREHOUSE SALE! Weds. January 29th

    • Hello Shari
      Thank you for inquiring about the Ultimate Mypillow 8 item Bundle for $115 plus shipping per set. We would love to assist you with placing your order. You may purchase this bundle in our webstore here on our website or you can order by phone at 888-988-1588. You may also order by mail at this address:

      Jim Bakker Show
      P.O. Box 7330
      Branson, MO 65615

      Please make all checks/money orders out to “ Jim Bakker Show” or “Morningside Church”. Thank you again for your friendship and support! Have a blessed day

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