Live Taping 9/8/11 – Philip Cameron and the Girls from Moldova

Today’s show with Philip Cameron and the girls from Moldova was so amazing, we can’t wait for it to air on the networks! The girls shared a story about their lives in the filthy orphanages in Moldova. They had NEVER had a birthday celebration their whole life – until they met Philip and Crissy Cameron.

Well, today’s set was decorated with bright Birthday balloons and it was just beautiful! “Love has revolutionized how these girls even look” Philip said as he talked about the ‘look’ of hopelessness which all of them had in common before being loved. Now they radiate the love of Jesus to others.

Philip said that Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker have a “Redeemer Spirit”. Each of them have been redeemed and restored by the love of God, and now they have a heart to help others who are broken and who need restoration. Pastor Jim shared that the spirit of the world wants to expose what’s wrong in someone’s life.  It wants to find out what’s ‘no good’ about people.  But the love of Jesus covers all sin. Religion exposes sin, love covers sin.

Pastor Jim said that Morningside is not a club for proud, perfect people. It is a redemption center where people can come to be comforted by those who have already been comforted. The redeeming power of Jesus can turn what was wrong around to be what is right!

Pastor Jim and Lori were “down and out” in the ghetto. But, as they reached out to help others, God restored them. Pastor Jim said “When you lose yourself in other people – people that can’t give you a dime – God restores you.”