Philip Cameron sees a Holy Revival in America

Philip Cameron

By Kami Klein

Last night Philip Cameron and the worship team lifted spirits and joyfully shouted hope for a Holy revival like no one has ever seen before!  The Morningside Restoration Marathon is continuing on Grace Street and the outpouring of love and in the belief of this ministry is inspiring.

“God is raising up people RIGHT NOW who aren’t necessarily religious but hungry for GOD!”  Cameron declared!

America does need revival and what many are experiencing and seeing around the world is the the embracing of Jesus and of God’s Word.  Our partners are writing in and expressing this new hope for our country and the gentle courage to build up the Church.  During this Morningside Restoration Marathon, not only are the people working together for a common purpose, they are doing so with faith.

Faith is what Philip Cameron spoke of last night during the evening Praise service. “Ridiculous Faith that will bring a mighty pouring of the Holy Spirit!”

Philip recalled the path and restoration of Pastor Jim Bakker and how the Lord has walked with him in his obedience.  The amazing things that happened at Heritage, the people whose lives were changed in deep and profound ways, and the loving Christian family that was created there by the thousands who visited from all over the world.

“I am family here at Morningside too.  We are family and you are a part of this family too! I invite you to be a part of this ridiculous faith that can move mountains.  I see a revival happening here, a 24 hour a day revival with God’s mighty hand and love pouring out to America! If anyone can get a 24 hour a day revival going it would be Jim Bakker!  He is crazy enough in faith to do it!   This nation needs to be shaken from DC to Sacramento! “

We are family here at Morningside!   We are READY to take this message of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ and continue spreading it as far as God allows!  We need your help to make that possible!

Please consider a Thanksgiving donation.  Help us get this revival moving!  And don’t forget to keep watching our Restoration Marathon for more testimonies, fellowship and celebration for God’s incredible hand on you and on our ministry!
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Morningside Restoration Marathon    


The Restoration Marathon Continues with Old Friends and New!

By Kami Klein

What an incredible time we are having at Morningside! It is week two of our Restoration Marathon, our 24 hour-a-day, all week live stream event on Roku, Apple TV, and our website!  Pastor Jim was faithful to God and worked incredibly hard to get people out to vote this year for the election!  He brought in leaders of this country and within the church to help us all understand the issues and the challenges! With your help, we now have a praying leader in office!  But, while we focused so hard on these historic events for our country, the business of raising money to stay on the air had to fall second. While Pastor Jim and Lori are resting (doctor’s orders), we are coming together on a true spirit of faith to raise up the funds and catch up on the bills!  

Television station time is truly expensive, and we don’t want to stop the growth of this ministry! Now, more than at any other so far, is the time to hear our prophets and leaders of the church.  Now is the time of the greatest harvest!!

When word got out that we were having this marathon, old and new friends of Pastor Jim and Morningside began coming in for support!  This week, Philip Cameron, as well as his family and friends will be here throughout the day and  leading evening services Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Philip will be bringing special guests with him including founder of the Fivestarman movement, Neil Kennedy, on Tuesday evening and international Christian Evangelist and author, Pat Schalzline, on Wednesday! Don’t forget: this is ALL happening LIVE!  

Thursday and Friday the dynamic Bishop Ron Webb will be leading evening services joined by Director of House on the Rock Ministries, John Kiehl and Pastor Waylon Hopper. Seychelle’s Carl Palmer is also coming this week to offer support as well as our very own Harmony, Caleb and Marcey with some good, soul-lifting praise music!

We are clearing out our warehouse during this event with some popular and never before seen offers!  If these are items you need and want, now is the time to give your gift to this ministry. But, so many are also choosing our Thanksgiving offer.  If you have been blessed by our programing, if you appreciate the messages from these outstanding teachers and prophets that have been brought on our show or even if you, like many of us, have been touched by Jim and Lori Bakker’s story and faithfulness, perhaps you will consider a Thanksgiving donation of any amount to help us!  The Bakker’s Story is a powerful one of Restoration that comes from saying YES to God and reminds us to keep going, no matter how impossible it seems.  We Give Glory to God for ALL of the blessings of this ministry.  We thank God for YOU!

Please tune in to Morningside’s Restoration Marathon on Watch Us Live look for Facebook live posts on The Jim Bakker Show Facebook page and donate here to bless this ministry.  Morningside Restoration Marathon   

Thank you for all you do to keep God’s message going throughout the world!  




Philip Cameron Speaks Miracles On Grace Street

When Philip Cameron comes to the lectern and starts by saying “my God specializes in things that people say are impossible” you know you’re about to have a special time in the pretense of the Lord.

Philip shared with Jim Bakker Show partners and friends that we cannot forget “God’s permanent address is Wit’s End Corner.  God starts when you have come to the end of yourself.”  He reminded everyone that we need to surrender to God at the beginning rather than try to do things under our own power because His way is always better, higher and provided for before we even know there is an issue.

Philip made a statement that shocked some in attendance when he said that America is the most spoiled country in the world.  However, he explained the reason is that Americans don’t appreciate the blessings that God has poured out upon them.  Philip said that unthankfulness is a sign of the times and that a church becomes unthankful because they lose their fire.

“The church is not on fire because it doesn’t have a vision anymore,” he said.

He went on to share about Stella’s Voice and their home in Moldova that had a neighbor who was doing all she could to undermine the world of the Lord.  She would stand on her porch and curse at the girls and file repeated lawsuits to try and shut the home.

“But God,” Philip said, “can take your greatest opposition and turn it into an incredible opportunity.”

The woman came to Philip and the staff of Stella’s Voice and said she hated them.  Then she asked them to buy her home at a reasonable price so she could get away from them.

And at the very same time, Stella’s Voice was looking for a home for girls who have graduated school but needed a place to go while they get a job and start a career.  The Lord provided a huge open door!

Pastor Jim’s Calling Shines During 4th Of July Week

Some things God provides for you immediately when He says that He will do it.

Some times it takes many years to come to pass.

For Pastor Jim, God has repeatedly shown the fulfillment of a promise and calling made when he was at the Dream Center in Los Angeles.  Today on Grace Street, God showed in a powerful way the way that only He can fulfill the call that He places on those that honestly and completely seek Him.

When Pastor Jim was at the Dream Center in L.A., he told his new wife Lori that God told him to build a network to bring the little known or unknown prophets to the world.  Today on the Jim Bakker show, Pastor Jim brought to the world John Shorey, Mark Blitz and Philip Cameron at the same time.

The moment was filled with powerful words from God.  Mark Blitz overflowed with the love of God when he declared that “we’re about to enter the Super Bowl of human history and I don’t want to be on the bench!  I want to be in the game coach!”

The conversation revolved around the importance for all of God’s people to be ready for the times to come.  That we are about to enter another step in Revelation times and that it’s more important than ever for people to listen to the prophets and to read the signs to be ready for God’s plan to unfold.

Philip Cameron said that God’s people need to be ready for Him to pour upon them blessings and miracles.  He says that God is in heaven with an open hand, not a closed fist.  He also called on those who support Morningside to give because God is providing the opportunity to own the entire facility which will provide a wonderful opportunity for God to work through Pastor Jim to make His vision reality.

“We have a chance to tell Jim Bakker go chase after the vision of God,” Cameron said.  “I know good soil when I see it.”

Restoration Celebration Comes To The Upper Room

The power of God’s restoration powerfully shone through those at the Upper Room in Fort Mill, South Carolina as Pastor Jim Bakker spoke at the site.

Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker hosted episodes of the Jim Bakker Show from the Upper Room that many people have called the “heart” of Heritage USA. The episodes were introduced for the first time in 25 years by the voice of Henry Harrison, Pastor’s co-host of PTL for many years, who passed into glory in 1995. Continue reading

Stella’s Voice Girls Present The Harsh Truth

It was a powerfully hard night on Grace Street as Philip Cameron and the girls from Stella’s Voice presented testimonies that forced everyone to confront the reality of human trafficking and orphans in Moldova.

One of the girls, Veronica, shared her testimony in Romanian while one of her Stella’s Voice sisters translated for those in attendance. Her tears needed no translation as they melted hearts of those who saw the pain that is inflicted upon a young girl made to feel worthless by those who should love her the most.

By the end of her story, she shared the way Jesus transformed her and how appreciative she was of those who have welcomed her. Continue reading

Reaching The World From Grace Street

Today’s taping of the Jim Bakker Show featured a special moment between Pastor Jim, Lori and those in attendance. Philip Cameron arranged for a Skype call between everyone on Grace Street and the girls of Stella’s House in Moldova. But that was just the start of a moving day of stories and testimony.

In addition, Philip Cameron shared the story of his life and how there was a generational curse on the family for alcohol. He said his family was known for being the drunks laying in the gutter on Mondays after drinking all weekend. Then his family came to Jesus and it completely turned the family’s life around.

“[My father] became an absolute lunatic for Jesus!” Philip said. Continue reading

Philip Cameron Challenges Listeners To See The Blessing In Crisis

The second night of the Fourth of July celebration at Morningside came with a healthy dose of reality, power and encouragement. Philip Cameron and the girls from Stella’s House not only encouraged the audience with the miracles happening in Moldova but challenged them to look deeper within themselves and the ways that God works in their lives.

The evening opened with a surprise when Lori Bakker came out with Philip Cameron to make the formal introduction. Lori shared her passion for the world of Philip and Stella’s Voice, saying there is “not a greater ministry in my personal opinion on the face of the Earth.” Continue reading

Live Taping 9/8/11 – Philip Cameron and the Girls from Moldova

Today’s show with Philip Cameron and the girls from Moldova was so amazing, we can’t wait for it to air on the networks! The girls shared a story about their lives in the filthy orphanages in Moldova. They had NEVER had a birthday celebration their whole life – until they met Philip and Crissy Cameron.

Well, today’s set was decorated with bright Birthday balloons and it was just beautiful! “Love has revolutionized how these girls even look” Philip said as he talked about the ‘look’ of hopelessness which all of them had in common before being loved. Now they radiate the love of Jesus to others. Continue reading

Philip Cameron and the Kids from Moldova Return Sept. 7-9, 2011 Live

We are delighted to announce that Philip Cameron and the Moldova kids will return to Morningside on September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2011 for live tapings of the Jim Bakker Show at 10:30 a.m. at Morningside. Each visit from Philip and the crew brings new vision and anointing for the worthy cause of sheltering orphans from the sex trafficking industry which is so pervasive in many parts of the world.

Be sure to join us as we welcome Philip and the crew back to Morningside!