MAYBE the reason for ocean temperature change is actually related to nature, not mankind; Scientists discover thousands of underwater volcanoes

Molten Lava A stock photo shows molten lava breaking through the surface. Scientists have found over 19,000 underwater volcanoes. TRIFONENKO/GETTY

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Important Takeaways:

  • Seamounts are vibrant with minerals and can provide a habitat for an abundance of marine life.
  • So, scientists set out to explore and map as many seamounts as possible, in order to understand what lies on the ocean floor a little better.
  • The 19,325 seamounts discovered were previously unknown to science. The satellites used to discover them could not take pictures of the seamounts, but they were able to discern differences in the altitudes and gravitational pull.
  • The new seamounts discovered in this study will be added to the 2011 Kim–Wessel catalog—also known as the Global Seamount Database—which, before this research, mapped 24,643 seamounts. There are now a total of 43,454 seamounts mapped.
  • According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, three-quarters of all of Earth’s volcanic activity happens in deep water. Sometimes, but very rarely, eruptions can be dangerous. Underwater volcanoes can trigger tsunamis, however, to do so, they have to not be too far below the sea surface.
  • It is usually uncommon for seamounts to have explosive eruptions like some we see on land volcanoes.
  • This is because, at these depths, the water pressure creates an immense weight. So when an underwater volcano erupts, it will create a passive lava flow along the seafloor.
  • These eruptions usually cannot be seen at the surface of the ocean.

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