Meriam Ibrahim Asks Prayer For Daughter’s Ultrasound

James 5:16 NCV Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen.

Persecuted Christian Meriam Ibrahim has asked the world to pray for her daughter who will be undergoing an ultrasound to see if the injury from her birth will cause permanent disability.

Doctors are telling Ibrahim that it’s possible the injuries suffered at birth are not as severe as initially feared and that it’s possible the child will be able to walk on her own.  Ibrahim was forced to give birth with her legs tied together with chains because the prison guards would not release her for the birth.

Ibrahim and her family have been taking refuge in the U.S. embassy after being released from prison on charges related to her Christian faith.  The family has been hoping to leave the country but the Sudanese government continues to refuse to allow the family passage out of the nation.

The family has been especially sensitive to the possibility of the child being confined to a wheelchair for life because her father, Daniel Wani, is wheelchair bound because of multiple sclerosis.


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  1. Please keep us updated on this whoever is researching this for the rest of us to have information on Christian persecution , only one story among many, of worse case scenarios. Our prayers and concerns go up to heaven and are being collected, we await your response Lord, please don’t allow her and her innocent children suffer anymore, and it is a sin for fellow human being keeping husbands and wives apart. I pray Lord Jesus you will show your existence thru her experience to the entire world, and the world shall tremble at your feet, and those that can be saved, will be.

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