Michael Snyder: God “raising up a remnant” for last days

Ten years ago, Michael Snyder never could have imagined he would be speaking at the 2016 Prophetic Conference. By his own admission, he was a relatively low-profile lawyer who was living in the nation’s capital — where attorneys are about as common as politicians.

His wife would drive him to the Metro station every morning, and he would hope there was a train seat waiting for him during the busy morning rush hour. Once he arrived at work, he would sometimes stay there for 10 to 12 hours, to help pay off the debts he and his wife had accrued.

It was far from the glamorous lifestyle people might imagine a lawyer in Washington may have.

“If there was a totem pole of lawyers, I was so low I was beneath the totem pole,” Snyder told those gathered at Morningside on Thursday evening. “I was the lowest of the low.”

Snyder and his wife were resigned to the idea this would be their life. He would keep working at a job that he didn’t particularly enjoy, in order to chip away at debts he wished he never acquired. But, in the back of their minds, he and his wife believed that God had something bigger planned for them. They did not quite understand what, exactly, but they kept believing it had to be there.

Eventually, Snyder turned to the Internet. He founded “The Economic Collapse Blog” in late 2009, and slowly built a following by penning articles about the economy and current events.

After praying on it, he and his wife eventually decided to move across the country — first to Washington state, and later to the mountains of Idaho where they now live. All the while, they felt God’s blessing on Snyder’s work and he saw his articles reaching more and more people.

Snyder says he now gets more than 1 million page views a month from all over the world.

And now here he was, standing on Grace Street and preaching an evening service that was being live-streamed to a global audience. It was a far cry from his relative anonymity of a decade ago.

“This is what a supernatural God can do. … God can use someone like me and He can take them from the most obscure circumstances, and He can take them and bring them to The Jim Bakker Show with a message for the world,” he said. “If He can do it for me, He can do it for anyone.”

That was the crux of Snyder’s message, in that he believes God is currently “raising up a remnant” for the last days. He calls it a global “organic move of God” that transcends all denominations and churches, and consists of people of a variety of backgrounds and faiths. Its members will be proclaiming warnings and Gospel messages at an important time.

“This remnant is going to keep the commandments of God. It’s going to bring in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. And it’s going to move in the power of the Holy Spirit like we haven’t seen since the Book of Acts,” Snyder said, drawing applause from the crowd.

Snyder believes that God is moving outside the institutional churches for this remnant because many of those churches have failed, having gradually moved away from the Word of God in favor of a prosperity gospel. He cited studies about dismal attendance during Sunday worship services, and said that the church hasn’t done a good job of attracting the younger generations.

“The church is losing. The church is failing. The church is dead,” Snyder said. “And it’s not just that we’re not appealing to people. You know what? The church is in sin.”

He delivered a spirited message to “dead churches” across the United States.

“You need to wake up. You need to repent,” Snyder declared, pointing directly into the camera. “You need to get out of the gutter. You need to become the bride that Jesus Christ deserves.”

Snyder said one of his readers recently alerted him to the fact that more than 40 years ago David Wilkerson gave a similar prophecy about the coming rise of a “supernatural church of true believers” that would involve many different denominations and emphasize the coming of Jesus.

Though Snyder believes God has played a major role in his life, transforming him from a lawyer into an unconventional preacher, he does not necessarily consider himself part of any remnant just yet. Snyder and his wife constantly pray God will factor them into His plans for the last days, and encouraged anyone else who wants to be a part of the remnant to “get right with God.”

“We can’t do it on our own, but with God’s help I believe that we can become the kind of bride that Jesus deserves,” Snyder said to end his service. “The half-hearted, lukewarm religion that we call Evangelical Christianity in America today has got to go. It’s not going to cut it anymore. We are going to be on fire for God!

“So my invitation is come and join with me. The remnant is rising. You don’t have to join an organization. You don’t have to send your money anywhere. All you have to do is listen to the call of God. It’s not complicated, but let’s do it. Let’s be the people that God created us to be! We’re going to write the end of the Book of Acts. It’s going to be the finest hour for the church, and I want to be there right on the front lines! Do you?”

Snyder’s inspirational service also touched on scriptures about the last day and the timing of the rapture. It can be seen on the Prophetic Week DVD Set, which is now available.

The set also contains evening services from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Joel Richardson and Hubie Synn along with all of The Jim Bakker Show tapings that were recorded during this week’s 2016 Prophetic Conference.

7 thoughts on “Michael Snyder: God “raising up a remnant” for last days

  1. Jesus said that you have no need that any man should teach you, He has given you His Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. If you draw nigh to God, God will draw nigh to you. Jesus said that in the last days that men would say the kingdom of God is over here, or one would say, ‘over there’ , but the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you. Rely on the Lord, draw night to God, seek His face and He will lead you and that way you will not have fear because He said He had “NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power and of a sound mind.” THe pride of man is always going to get in the way and there are those who would draw man after themselves and not after God necessarily, “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof…” Jesus said, ‘when all these things begin to come to pass, lift up your head, for your redemption draws nigh!” That means He is coming for His own. Just like he did not leave Noah and his family in the midst of destruction, but provided a way of escape, neither will His wrath come upon the righteous, He will make a way of escape for those who truly Love Him with their WHOLE heart! Just as God did not allow Jesus body to succumb to corruption that is under the curse of satan from the beginning, He will not allow His holy ones to see corruption, either. Just as He provided a way of escape through Christ so that those who chose to believe would not go to Hell or receive the judgment of the rebellious, so God will make a way of escape if we seek Him and follow after what He says, speak His words and not our own and praise Him for His goodness and salvation! Seek the Lord. call upon Him while He is near beloved and lean not to your own understanding. Draw nigh to God and HE will draw nigh to YOU!

  2. I do agree in my small town of 11,000 ,one church is now an ice cream parlor called Heavenly Creamery. It has an ice cream cone display where the cross once was. Another church is now a Museum for D- day ..they have festivities to glorify war, ( my opinion) .
    Another one consolidated 3 Methodist church’s into 1 and now they have built a new one and have an event center for concerts , parties etc They rent it out and they have reverse raffles and liquor in there. . Long way from the Asbury revival in KY.
    Church is not what it once was in my area . Others have just closed doors or are very small in attendance.. I am in disbelief at the way things are working out .and not many are talking about it. Like it is normal. .
    May HE make HIS FACE to shine upon you and your family , ministry as your tell the truth in our country.

  3. `
    Hi Michael …
    Yes, God is gathering His people into ‘true’ remnants around the world. And yes you are also correct that the ‘church’ by-and-large is failing Him; however, the ‘Church/Bride’ is NOT failing Him!
    I think you would agree, that there are too many people ‘hocking’ their personal view of the Rapture, each one convinced s/he is right and you need to buy their book, etc. How could they all be right? They cannot! The present-day church (especially the American church) has been poorly taught by those who have not studied the Bible for themselves, but rather, primarily rely on others who have not applied ‘critical thinking’ to words of God as to His overall plan.
    No where does Jesus say that His primary purpose for returning to the earth (second-coming) is to Rapture His people, but rather, He plainly tells us that He is coming to ‘judge the earth’, and then, to establish His Kingdom on earth for a thousand-years.

    Please do not count on the Rapture anytime soon — it will not happen until God sends-down “fire from Heaven” to destroy Satan and his followers who surround “the saints and His beloved City” to finally destroy His saints. It is critical to understand that if God does not Rapture His saints at that time, His saints would be burned-up along with Satan — or, please explain to me how His saints get off the planet before it is burned-up, “no where to be found before God’s face…”?
    The remnant Church (who will be scattered all over the earth) will physically survive Armageddon (is anything to hard for God?), and they will repopulate the ‘regenerated’ earth that Jesus had promised to Peter During the great-tribulation, those who are more concerned about serving themselves, rather than truly serving God during the greatest opportunity for “witnessing for the word of God, and the testimony of Jesus”, will not likely survive — but the unselfish will gladly serve their God (just like Corrie ten Boom).
    The bottom-line is that, just as with the judgements at the time of Noah and Lot, it will be the ‘righteous’ who are left-behind, on earth, not the wicked; and so it will be at the ‘judgement of the nations’ — the ‘righteous’ will be left-behind in order to fulfill Jesus’ promise that the “meek shall inherit the earth”.
    Best wishes for your courageous stand …

  4. The dead churches will not repent. The only hope is that people will come out of them. They just aren’t going to repent. I’ve lived it for 34 years and they won’t. We will have to do it individually. God says if His people will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and seek Him that He will heal our land. I’m waiting for that healing. I’ve been waiting for 34 years to see the healing of my land. I praise God that at least one website (this one so far) is starting to preach the truth. But beware people! If they don’t do God’s Word, they are not truly of God! I don’t care who they are or what they proclaim, if they aren’t doing the scriptures don’t follow them. Let no man take your crown! This is the falling away that Paul spoke of before the tribulation. We don’t know how much longer we have left but there’s not much time! The love of many have waxed cold, be strong and courageous and endure until the end now no matter what you have to go through, stay in God’s Word, read it often, study it, find new ways to study it, fast, pray, be watching and waiting for Jesus, keep His works until the end, hold firm of your hope firm until the end. pray you will be worthy to escape the sorrows and stand before the Son of man, always be praying this now. Leave the false churches! Protect your families. Pray for your children. Turn your eyes from vanity and turn your eyes to God’s Word now. It’s extremely important. Don’t get sidetracked by the things of this world. Be ready to see Jesus parting the skies! Make it your top priority! Be watching those skies! Keep your eyes skyward and not on the ground, unless you need to see where you are walking! Time is short!

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes! Isaiah60 is coming….Wait & see. The glory of the Lord is going to be visibly seen
    on faces. –God has always had a remnant….Now is the time to repent, seek the Lord…and get ready!

  6. God Bless & Keep you michael snyder n your wife n family and all those speaking and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit! HOLY! Yeshua

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