Mother Angelica, EWTN Founder, Passes to Heaven on Easter

Mother Angelica

Every man, woman and child must know Jesus. God has created you with a fire, a spirit, to inflame others. You can no longer sit waiting for something to happen. You make it happen! You're the only one God has." - Mother Angelica

My heart reflects with such love on a beautiful friend who now serves faithfully at Christ’s feet in heaven. Mother Angelica, founder and leader of the Eternal Word Television Network and a true Woman of God, passed at the age of 92 on Easter day.

Mother Angelica launched EWTN in 1981, and was a remarkable friend who came to PTL often and ministered to thousands. I remember the delight on her face when I built her very first set for television; a powder blue living room with framed paintings of Jesus and the Pope on the walls.

Mother Angelica was the only woman in the history of television to found and lead a cable network for 20 years! Today EWTN transmits 24-hour-a-day programming to more than 264 million homes in 144 countries. What began with approximately 20 employees has now grown to nearly 400. This religious network broadcasts terrestrial and shortwave radio around the world, operates a religious goods catalog and publishes the National Catholic Register and Catholic News Agency, among other publishing ventures.

“We, with our unveiled faces reflecting like mirrors the brightness of the Lord, all grow brighter and brighter as we are turned into the image that we reflect; this is the work of the Lord who is Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18

Mother Angelica now shines an even brighter light resting in the arms of Jesus. Thank you for your amazing work my friend! I know that it was your faith and your friendship that gave me hope so many times!


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5 thoughts on “Mother Angelica, EWTN Founder, Passes to Heaven on Easter

  1. I am a Catholic who really appreciates Jim Bakker and his ministry. A million thanks to Jim and Lori for their ministry to mothers to be and speaking out on the horror of abortion in the face of the culture of death. Thank you to Jim Bakker for his role in cooperating with God’s will and grace in assisting Mother Angelica! She had so many who listened to her preaching Jesus Christ and His infinite love and suffering and rising for our redemption. Mother’s love of God and His working through her and her complete cooperation with His will has brought countless souls to Jesus. We Christians have everything in common, Jesus Christ.

  2. I found Mother Angelica 20 years ago on cable after starting classes to join the Catholic Church. I enjoyed her program and learned so much from her. I will always remember one caller who asked her about Jesus’s teaching. She said “following Jesus is simple but it is not easy.” I have found those words true over and over again. Thank you Mother Angelica for standing firm in your teaching and sharing to a world that desperately needs the truth.

  3. I met Mother in 1977, when I was a teen passing out her bible tracks.Her convent would mail boxes of them to my home, large ones, and I would pass them out all over the neighborhood. It was a simple encounter, after a speech she made at our local church. I went back to meed her, she said “Oh, I remember you. You’re the boy that passes our tracks out. How nice to meet you.”. She put her hands on my shoulders, and I felt a great peace. Thanks for writing this, Pastor Jim, and rest assured I will never forget her, or what she accomplished…


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