New Mexico wildfire zero percent contained as residents told to evacuate

Ruidoso-Evacuates-Ahead-of-Deadly-Wildfires-640x480 Ruidoso Tourism Department via AP

Important Takeaways:

  • New Mexico Wildfires Force Evacuation of Thousands, 1,400 Buildings Destroyed, One Dead
  • Savage New Mexico wildfires near Ruidoso led to the evacuation of approximately 8,000 residents. At least one person died and more than 1,400 structures were burned in the South Fork and Salt Fires. The fires consumed more than 23,000 acres by Wednesday morning.
  • According to an article, some 8,000 residents near Ruidoso were ordered to evacuate as the South Fork Fire is zero percent contained.
  • One Ruidoso resident, Christy Hood, a real estate agent, told the Associated Press that Governor Michelle Grisham’s state of emergency declaration and evacuation order came so quickly that she and her husband, Richard, only had time to grab their two children and two dogs.
  • “As we were leaving, there were flames in front of me and to the side of me,” she told the AP. “And all the animals were just running — charging — trying to get out.”
  • More than 1,400 homes, businesses, and other structures fell victim to the ravaging flames

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