Obama Administration Decision Angers Pro-Abortion Activists

Pro-abortion activists are suing the Obama Administration over a decision by the head of Health and Human Services to ignore an FDA recommendation to allow the abortion pill Plan B to underage women over the counter.

The president of the Center for Reproductive Rights sent an e-mail to supporters accusing HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of “playing politics” and said they need leaders that listen only to science.

Pro-life advocates have been watching the situation with interest. 

“President Obama has been the most pro-abortion in the history of the United States,” Jeanne Monahan of the Center for Human Dignity told Fox News. Monahan added that there is insufficient scientific evidence the drug is safe for underage girls and that they’re concerned the Obama Administration will cave to political pressure with the 2012 election on the horizon.

A federal judge has demanded answer to an order but no final ruling in the case has been made.


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