Pastor David Bowen says: It’s time to sound the Alarm; Perilous deception is coming


A watchman is to see danger coming and to sound the alarm. He is to urge God’s people to live faithfully and warn them of any risks that may tempt them to take their focus off the Lord (Ezekiel 33:7).

Important Takeaways:

  • It’s Time to Sound The Alarm: The World Is Being Set Up For A Perilous Deception
  • With that said, let me ask you three questions:
    • How much do we desire to make life easier?
    • What price are we willing to pay for speed and convenience?
    • Should technology be a cause of concern for a watchman?
  • Credit cards, smartphones, store shelves, clothing, and nail salons. What is the next innovation in wearable technology? How about the human body? The medical field has been a driving force behind this new renaissance, taking digital technology directly to the human body.
  • Digital Tattoos
    • A digital tattoo can allow medical professionals to monitor one’s blood sugar level or patient blood pressure.
    • Taking the possibilities of the digital tattoo further, the Motorola Corporation launched the digital tattoo for its Moto X handset. The digital tattoo sticker unlocks the smartphone without the need for a password. With this development, a digital tattoo has more potential than only medical purposes. A digital tattoo can be used for both good and evil. The concern is if our culture adapts and accepts the digital tattoo for everyday activities such as buying and selling, how far of a leap will it be to the open acceptance of the Mark of the Beast!?
  • Synthetic Biology
  • The World Economic Forum, in its book The Great Narrative for a Better Future, explains:
    • “We will re-engineer biological systems. We are at the dawn of the genetic revolution. We now understand how to rewrite the genetic code” (page 102). Rewriting the genetic code is what they call synthetic biology, and they say it delivers on its promise.
  • It’s time to sound the alarm! The world is being set up for a perilous deception.

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