Pastor John Kilpatrick Visits Morningside

Pastor John Kilpatrick visited our show recently and along with Pastor Jim and Lori, discussed the prophetic times we are living in and how the Revelation Days are escalating.

Pastor Kilpatrick is a revivalist, having had oversight of the Brownsville revival where more than four million people attended the meetings from its beginnings in 1995 to around 2000.  Hundreds of thousands were saved in those meetings.  That revival was marked by the Presence of God which Pastor Kilpatrick said led people to repentance.  Pastor Jim shared that the holiness of God demands repentance.

Today, Pastor Kilpatrick is again at the head of another Holy Spirit outpouring, the “Bay Revival,” that began in the church he pastors, “Church of His Presence” in Daphne, Alabama and has branched out  to many different cities.  This week, he and his team brought  the revival to Branson, Missouri to Tri-Lakes Church.  Pastor Kilpatrick emphasized Exodus 33:15 in his ministry, where Moses said that if the Presence of God doesn’t go with him, he would not go.

Pastor Jim was delighted and honored when  Pastor Kilpatrick said that he watched the Jim Bakker Show every single day.  Pastor Kilpatrick said he thanked God that Pastor Jim was helping people to get prepared for the Times of Trouble that are upon us.  He shared that he has ordered the emergency preparation foods from the Jim Bakker Show many, many times, and encouraged others to get prepared as well.

One of the prophetic visions the Lord has given to Pastor John Kilpatrick involves the New Madrid fault line and an earthquake that he believes is tied to how this country deals with Jerusalem.  He said that if America promotes the dividing of Jerusalem, he believes we may pay a great price in this country by being divided ourselves – by a supernatural earthquake.

Pastor Jim said that God doesn’t want those days of Revelation to come upon us unaware, to which Pastor Kilpatrick added “those days are not ‘coming’ anymore – they’re here!”  He went on to say that this is the horsemen generation, not the footmen – in reference to Jeremiah 12:5 we read, “‘If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with the horses?  In days of old, the footmen were men of war running into battle on foot. The horsemen were above them on horseback with heavy shields and deadly weapons and they were a formidable group.  Pastor Kilpatrick went on to say that this references the fierceness of the battles in the last days for the Christian.  He shared that the spiritual warfare is proportional to your anointing or blessing – small attack, small blessing – large attack, large blessing.

Pastor Kilpatrick said that the issue right now is not the antichrist, but the false prophet.  The false prophet is the forerunner of the antichrist  – he prepares the way for the antichrist.  The false prophet in today’s world is represented by the political and religious systems which must work together to eventually bring about a one-world religion and a one-world government.  He also said that how a President or a Secretary of State handles Israel is how it will go with the nation.  Pastor Kilpatrick described the state of America as a giant sucking sound in America as our government goes down the drain.

Both Pastor Jim and Pastor Kilpatrick talked about the necessity of leaders staying humble.  The discussed the fact that if you let yourself be exalted, you will be dethroned in the Presence of God.

Sharing the prophetic spirit, Pastor Jim expressed his desire for Pastor Kilpatrick to return again to Morningside to discuss more of what the Lord is doing and what He is saying to the prophets in the Last Days.  Pastor Jim said that one of the mandates from the Lord for the Jim Bakker Show is to build a platform for the prophets to come and speak  – and Pastor Kilpatrick was certainly in that group.

If you were not able to see the live streaming show, the broadcast will air on our daily television programming very soon.  Watch our show schedule for the dates.  Don’t miss this important show as Pastor Jim and Pastor John Kilpatrick discuss Bible prophecy and how it relates to today’s world.

Pastor Jim and Lori are extremely pleased to call Pastor Kilpatrick a friend of the ministry.


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