Perry Stone Back at Morningside! Monday, May 21st on Grace Street!

By Kami Klein

Morningside is blessed and thrilled to have evangelist Perry Stone back in Blue Eye on the Jim Bakker Show!  We would love to see you here Monday, May 21st at 11 am as this Renowned Biblical teacher brings brilliant insights and prophecy once again to our audience!   

Last year, Perry Stone began his interview with Jim and Lori Bakker  addressing how many Christians have trouble listening to God’s Word in their lives.  “God has never quit speaking, people have quit listening,” he explained when discussing the subject of hearing from God.  “Everybody has natural ears, but there is the ear of the spirit, the spirit of the inward man. People have allowed cares of life, as in Mark 4:19,… the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lusts of other things entering in to choke the Word.  These are things that clutter people to where they cannot hear!”

Perry Stone listens to what God is telling us through His Word and has new prophecy and teachings to spiritually lift our hearts and bring us together as Christians.  The following clip is from Mr. Stone’s last visit where he spoke to Jim and Lori about uniting as Christians and the dangers of becoming passive in these times!


Please join Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker with their special guest, Perry Stone, on Monday, May, 21st at 12 pm for taping of The Jim Bakker Show!  If you are unable to be here in our studio audience. Catch these shows when they are released on your local television channels, or download the PTL Television Network on Roku or Apple TV. These shows will also be available on The Jim Bakker Show and PTL Television Network websites.

Our visit with Perry Stone will certainly contain powerful visions of the future and the dreams and visions that God is giving to His Servants. We know you won’t want to miss it!




2 thoughts on “Perry Stone Back at Morningside! Monday, May 21st on Grace Street!

  1. Why was the Jim Bakker Show of Aug 26.2017 Part 2 Show 3268#totally deleted from off every and all websites when my family just watched it last night Sept 5, 2019 ???? Ummmm… Why? Why? Why? Hmmmmm again !!! I have a good guess why, but I want to know why from the Google/You Tube partnership.

    • Diane,
      Thanks for bringing to the ministries attention – I will pass along. In the meantime, the catalog of past Jim Bakker shows is available on the video page on our website ( link: ) this includes Perry Stone : Visions of What’s To Come Part 2, which is #3269 on the site.
      You can search by either show title or show number. Blessings-

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