Perry Stone issues prophetic alert about volcanic activity

A recent prophetic alert from evangelist Perry Stone has drawn the attention of Charisma News.

Charisma’s article covers Stone’s reaction to recent scientific reports about volcanic activity, and how he believes they are connected to Biblical last-day prophecies that are outlined in Joel 2.

The Charisma report cites a posting that appears on the Facebook page of Stone’s ministry.

If you want to read the full article about Stone’s prophetic alert, visit Charisma News.

8 thoughts on “Perry Stone issues prophetic alert about volcanic activity

  1. When I first became Born Again from being a Jehovah’s Witnesses. I asked the Lord how was He going to destroy the earth with fire? Due to having heard all kinds of theories. The Lord showed me that He always uses His creation when it is His judgment. And He reminded me of the plagues brought against Egypt. Then He told me that the volcanoes would start to become active again. I was Born Again on November 13, 1981. Look how many volcanoes have erupted since then!

  2. Sadly, The Church has meant the Catholic Church .j jus means Universal. The church is actually the population of born again Believers. I was born and raised Catholic but am now a truly born again Christian attending my local independent Baptist church. Functions as 100 percent KJV and great music. The RCC functions at 50/50 tradition and scripture. Get out of it and find your local independent Baptist church!! Love to all!!

  3. I’m also quite sure great famine is coming to u.s. I also had an extremely vivid dream a few nights ago where I was holding an undressed infant and there was an adult male lion I the room. He caMe up and bit a chunk out of babes bottom. He stepped back and seemed to be enjoying the smell of blood before re-attacking. I woke up. Pray fervently for the next generation. Tank you, helen sevierville tn

    • Hey, helen,
      I just ran across Your Dream An Just Wanted To Share I Had The Same Dream. The Baby Was Held By This Horrible Looking Monster An He Lowered His Head An Took A Bite Of The Babies Lower Half Of His Face….o Lord Havent Been Able To Shake It. I felt dream was say the enemy is devoring the babies/gifts the Lord is birthing in us.

  4. I was living in Estes Park when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me, “A storm is coming”. I was praying quietly as I was working in a retail store. I remember the very day, December 29, the day before my daughter’s birthday. But I don’t remember now if 2011 or 2012.

    The church needs to wake up and pray and also prepare for what is happening now in

    • So many times God has given me the word earthquake. Later, I find out on the news about it. I pray for the salvation of anyone who may be afflicted by them. I also check it out on the USGS (United States Geological Society) page on my laptop. I don’t know who the people are except through the news. The word earthquake comes to me large, medium and small. That is exactly what the earthquakes are when I learn of them. Mathew 24 in the Bible talks about earthquakes in diverse places. We are warned. I thank God that he has given me the chance to pray for the people and their salvation.
      This has been happening to me for the last several years. Praise God!

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