Petition Calling For White House To Act For Ibrahim

Philippians 2:4 KJV Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

A petition to the White House calling for President Obama to directly respond to the situation in Sudan with Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim is rapidly moving toward the required number of signatures.

The petition needs to gather 100,000 signatures within a month for the White House to be required to respond.  Currently, the petition has almost 2/3 of the necessary total in just one week.

“We strongly urge the administration to take action in the case of Dr. Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother who with her toddler and newborn baby (who pending the proper documentation are American citizens) is languishing inside a prison in Khartoum,” the petition states.  “We urge you to pressure the Sudanese government to release Meriam and her children so she can escape execution and possible death of her children and be rejoined with her husband in the U.S. Please grant her expedited safe haven in the U.S., where she could seek asylum.”

Ibrahim is married to an American, meaning her two children are American citizens.  The State Department has been refusing to take action in the case to get her children brought to America despite the evidence of her husband’s citizenship.

Ibrahim has been sentenced to 100 lashes and then being hung to death for her faith in Christ.


9 thoughts on “Petition Calling For White House To Act For Ibrahim

  1. I would like to know if I may sign the petition that is circulating for Mariam Ibrahim & where.@
    God forgive us if we do nothing
    Thank you
    N. Tanaka

  2. It is time our government start supporting our American Citizens. What a beautiful couple and just to think of what she has already suffered. Please add my name to the petition.

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