Port closed for months until wreckage is cleared as NTSB Board finds hazardous material leaking into the water

Baltimore-Bridge Stunning images show the mangled wreckage of the bridge hours after it was struck by the cargo ship very early on Tuesday morning

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Important Takeaways:

  • Hazardous chemicals are LEAKING into Baltimore harbor from stricken vessel as NTSB confirms containers ‘were breached’ in the bridge disaster
  • Hazardous material is leaking into Baltimore harbor following the tragic cargo ship crash that led to the immediate collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge earlier this week.
  • On Wednesday, National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy said her team had identified 56 containers of hazardous material aboard the Singaporean container ship.
  • A senior hazmat investigator with the agency determined that ‘764 tons of hazardous materials’, which includes corrosives, lithium-ion batteries and flammables, now threatens the water surrounding the downed bridge.
  • Some of the containers ‘were breached,’ said Homendy, noting that a sheen of hazardous material could be seen on the waterway
  • The NTSB has already interviewed the ship’s captain, his mate, the chief engineer, and one other engineer. Tomorrow, the two pilots aboard the ship will be interviewed.
  • The boat had been piloted by specialized local pilots trained to avoid obstacles at ports.

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