Power of prayer in the White House takes media spotlight

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Morningside and Pastor Jim Bakker are in constant prayer for our President and the United States. We encourage everyone, no matter your faith or political views, to continue to lift up your hearts in prayer and work in agreement with God for our country and its leadership.

By Kami Klein

In a rare media shift, the attention has been drawn to prayer in the White House through a picture that has hit social media. The picture, taken in the Oval Office, shows an intimate moment where Christian representatives were laying hands on President Trump and praying.  

The picture was provided by Johnnie Moore, a former senior vice president at Liberty University in Virginia. He had been invited along with a group of evangelical leaders to meet with the President and Jennifer Korn, deputy director and liaison from the White House, for a day-long meeting to discuss several issues.  

Among the approximate 30 leaders praying with the President, many were part of President Trump’s faith advisory council from his campaign, who were invited to participate last Monday, July 10th.  Florida pastor, Paula White, South Carolina  pastor, Mark Burns, former Republican representative, Michele Bachmann, and Southern Baptist pastors Jack Graham, Ronnie Floyd and Robert Jeffress were included and had been asked to discuss issues such as the Affordable Care Act, religious freedom, pending judicial nominees, criminal justice reform and support for Israel.   

After the meeting, the group paid a visit to the Oval office where they were joined by President Trump and Vice President Pence. In a statement emailed to The Christian Post, the provider of the picture, Johnnie Moore, described the event as “a very special moment but it was also not an unusual one.”

“Various ones of us have prayed with him many times and have been praying for him for a long time…We believe we are a praying nation, and we begin by praying for our leaders,” stated Moore.

“As you know, most evangelicals believe it’s a sacred responsibility to pray for the President, and this is very much in our tradition as Americans who once took — and sometimes still do take — this responsibility seriously.”

President Trump has had an evangelical advisory board from the beginning of the election campaign and a long friendship with Paula White who served as his spiritual adviser. White now serves as Chairwoman of the Evangelical Advisory Board to President Donald J. Trump and delivered the invocation at his inauguration, becoming the first female clergy member to pray at a Presidential inauguration.

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